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  1. Hey Saber, The others have mentioned some soils truth. Books while they give a general understanding do not offer the best method of learning. I suggest yu uses the forums and makers teachings available. While I have outside teachings a lot of what they offer is exceedingly good and a great means of learning. If you need anything let the makers know, or if they don't object feel free to contact me as well.
  2. I generally do the same, I was doing research and came across it. I have used some during my "rites" I believe that is the correct translation. However not since. I apologize if this topic offends
  3. Has anyone used this?
  4. I was actually planning on that. The issue I have is this, while I do not doubt your traditions or how they work, I have spent the better part of ,y life being taught on the "red path". And as fall came to its height, I met someone that I have met many times before, and they have invited me to the sun dances. The sun dances are a tradition that those that are able to prove their dedication are given a pipe. From that point they are a pipe carrying member of the tribe. And one of its full healers. My heritage means a lot to me. And I know if it came to a choice I would choose it over any other traditions, as long as that is acceptable I have no pro lem adding to my growth here, as well as sharing what I can. As an example a extensive knowledge of herb lore.
  5. Thank you for the welcoming. Despite the diffrenet traditions, I am still considering trying a course or two for a larger scope.
  6. I would like to give a big thank you both for your quick responses. I am not offended by anything I have heard nor read in regards to my question. Though I believe that I may have slightly been misunderstood. A part of education begins at the bottom. I'd not have expected to start at the middle nor top. From the ground up is the best foundation. While this is a full tradition of teaching having to put my hereditary to the side, is not something I am fond of. I have much to consider before making a choice. Until I have, I will keep to the corners of the forum to not interupt the flow your teachings create. Aho, Mehkeis
  7. While I am being taught still, and about to begin one of the final trials, my thirst for knowledge is still rather large. I do have a few questions in regards to the classes/lessons. While I believe education is important and a means to prove ones self, in such. Is previous teaching respected here? If I am to finish the trails before me, will the status be respected? Or will I need to take lessons here still?
  8. Not normally. From time to time, when something about to happen, I will catch a wiff of one or more herbs from my medicine pouch.
  9. I have asked out sources, with little to no avail, so I figured I would ask here. A few weeks back now, I was asked to purify someone's house. During the ritual I was burning sage and moving the smoke about the area. Almost immediately, there where complaints from another of the household about the smell of burning metal. Which was an legitamet complaint. At this point, I was finished the job, I used tobacco, sage, cedar and sweet grass, in a clay pot with the bottom lined with quartz. Doing a small dance with a rattle, it seemed my little fire consumed all of its flresources quicker then I have seen. However the smell left and the negativity broke. I know there was something and it was removed. I am just curious... what is capable of making a burning metal smell, and has anyone else dealt with something like this?
  10. Phonix, I too, once was unable to make journeys. It took me quite some time. It is hard when you first start out, however it will become easier. All of the advice you have received is rather soild. None of us are the same, in this. I for one only recently started using a (small )drum. Which seems to be much of a supreme to many. In fact, most my journeys are done while I am dancing. While I don't know your heritage, if you can find a means to be closer to some of there traditional meetings it may help also. If you are unable, a means that was taught to me was to invison a road, every little detail. How it feels,looks,smells tastes, as you walk down it in you mind. Walk with no purpose at first until it comes naturally, then set a course.
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