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    Some people come to us for a specific reason, some come for some time and a few stay for life. What about setting up an intent to find a friend for a lifetime? Using an intent has an upside to it - You can choose exactly what kind of person You want, cool, gloomy, lively, smart, strong etc. Or you can wish for a person that You need, or someone who will help You in self-development. Make sure You're not trying to use new acquaintances for egoistic purpose of becoming more, because it usually just hurts you in the end. For example you find a new friend from an art school thats very charismatic and draws everyone's attention. As a result, people on every party you bring him to, start seeing you as more interesting because you hang out with interesting people. When new friend leaves, you feel you became less, because people stop seeing you as more interesting. Being attached to mental position of being interesting and loosing it causes suffering. It looks like people are coming to You for counsel and when they get it, they are leaving You. It doesn't really look like friends, more like temporary acquaintances. You can always postpone helping them and make them cling to You for longer, if You choose not to find true friends in another way. If You have problems finding friends try watching Naruto. It's a story about a boy that's hated by everyone, because people connect him to a catastrophic event that killed many people in his village. With hard work and good heart he manages to win respect and friendship of many people, tho it's not easy at first.
  2. https://www.superstation95.com/index.php/world/884 do You guys think it's possible to stop it before the world goes into the war again?
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