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  1. Thanks! im very interested in the recap classes. i really appreciate your fast response
  2. Thanks for the response! In your opinion does it seem like I'm under attack? My luck has gone from bad to worse even experiencing several bouts of homelessness and a smothering sensations. I cancled all contracts known and unknown, which seemed to make the situation a little better, and told all attackers to go back to the clear white light. I took in a homeless man several years ago and he might be the one I have nightmares about and follows me in the dreams. not sure if it was him, but felt attacked and an oppressive air when he was in the house. I did cleansing rituals yet the mood was grim
  3. Hello! I consulted a shaman 3 years ago after experiencing terrible nightmares, feelings of invisible presence touching me, extreme fatigue and depression. She told me that my 10th and 4th dimensions were being attacked from "angry birdlike entities" and that portals were being corrupted. I have experienced extreme withdrawal and bad luck an estrangement from others including losing interest in life. The nightmares include being sexually attacked, mutilated, trapped and a sense of being conditioned. Little has worked and the bad luck and sense of dread seem to increase including a slow dis
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