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  1. Hello. So I moved to a rental apartment, that previuos owner was a very uncalm person as i would name him. The thing is the owner is still alive but he is not living here anymore. My relatives agreed to rent it for me. This apartment contains a lot of the old owners stuff that i cant get rid of for now. So this energy keeps disturbing me when i meditate in this room. During meditation silluethe of man would apear in front of me, recently i felt two of them. One was really unpleasant and i told him i dont want anything to do with him, and that he would leave me alone. Ofc i stop my meditations during those moments, but still can feel bad energy arround me. I would need some guidance on how to get rid of him. I cant throw he's stuff out now, like old furniture or he's suits. I have my sage plant with me, and i wonder would it help if i would use it to clean the room, or do i need a specific white sage. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.
  2. Good day. I just recently discovered something interesting and though it would be a good topic to get some insight on. So lately I was spending a lot of time meditating in nature. Near lakes, plain fields, and so on. The thing is at the end of my meditations or my silent walks home I would encounter some animals, cats, birds etc. And encountered animals would notice me only when I would notice them at last seconds of my meditation. For example I was walking home today from my meditation, barely awake I would say. And I got so close to pigeon standing on sideway, that when i noticed him he was one step away from me. I noticed same thing with spiders too, they would get close to me as I sit on the grass, and as I start to awake I could feel their surprise when they would notice me, one little guy got so afraid he start walking backwards with he's fangs up. Like he would be in some sort of defence. So I made a conclusion that animals cant really notice us or feel us nearby when we are meditating. I dont really understand why, it would be interesting to get some ideas on this.
  3. I think my experience is a little linked to astral projections. During those dreams I cant understand a word I am hearing even though I can hear voices clearly. The same thing happened during my unexpected astral projection where I could't understand a word my parents were saying in other room, even though I heard them very clearly. Aside that, I cant find any more links to astral projection in my dreams. Different from KAF experiences, I don't feel like those people are from this lifetime i am experiencing now, I don't fell like i have ever met them or know them in this lifetime, but some of them feels somehow connected to me. There was one experience in particular where i felt close connection with the man I inhabited through the dream. After the dream It felt like I knew hes age and mood at that moment. He was very downtrodden or laden for some reason. Could it be glimpses from my past lifetimes maybe?
  4. Good day shamanic people. So I have this thing that keeps happening during my meditations (it became more of dreaming now than a meditation), where my body will go complete sleep mode with my hands becoming heavy as a stone, being unable to keep my head straight as my neck will also get sleepy, all that regular sleeping stuff. After my body shuts down, I will enter some sort of dream state where I will be very aware of my body being shut down, and keeping myself on conscious level. In this dream state I experience dreams that feels very different from my regular dreams. For example I will see through others eyes, it feels like I am in different body, cant take any action in that moment, but seeing things they see. Those dreams aren't very long, usually they are short like glimpses and some are blurry and others are pretty dark, like watching something in night time. So I was wondering what this thing is. I read somewhere that this thing is similar to astral projection. I wouldn't call it lucid dreaming cause it feels very different from that. I would appreciate if someone could explain this thing, or maybe someone have similar experience and have some thoughts on it. Thank you and may the spirits be with you.
  5. Well, I found this stone on the road. From its placement half of it was allready tumbled, so i feel by polishing rest of it I will make my stone complete. Thanks and i will report on my proces.
  6. Hello everyone. Its more like a question then a discussion, so i don't know if its right thing to place a new topic here. If its not excuse me i am new here. So the thing is I made my dreamstone and it works really nice! But I am thinking about polishing (tumbling) it using jar with sand and water. The question is does the dreamstone's effect will be destroyed durning the process? Will I Have to repeat the dreamstone's creation process or will it become unusable? Thank you!
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