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  1. Hello. So I moved to a rental apartment, that previuos owner was a very uncalm person as i would name him. The thing is the owner is still alive but he is not living here anymore. My relatives agreed to rent it for me. This apartment contains a lot of the old owners stuff that i cant get rid of for now. So this energy keeps disturbing me when i meditate in this room. During meditation silluethe of man would apear in front of me, recently i felt two of them. One was really unpleasant and i told him i dont want anything to do with him, and that he would leave me alone. Ofc i stop my meditatio
  2. Good day. I just recently discovered something interesting and though it would be a good topic to get some insight on. So lately I was spending a lot of time meditating in nature. Near lakes, plain fields, and so on. The thing is at the end of my meditations or my silent walks home I would encounter some animals, cats, birds etc. And encountered animals would notice me only when I would notice them at last seconds of my meditation. For example I was walking home today from my meditation, barely awake I would say. And I got so close to pigeon standing on sideway, that when i noticed him he
  3. I think my experience is a little linked to astral projections. During those dreams I cant understand a word I am hearing even though I can hear voices clearly. The same thing happened during my unexpected astral projection where I could't understand a word my parents were saying in other room, even though I heard them very clearly. Aside that, I cant find any more links to astral projection in my dreams. Different from KAF experiences, I don't feel like those people are from this lifetime i am experiencing now, I don't fell like i have ever met them or know them in this lifetime, but some of
  4. Good day shamanic people. So I have this thing that keeps happening during my meditations (it became more of dreaming now than a meditation), where my body will go complete sleep mode with my hands becoming heavy as a stone, being unable to keep my head straight as my neck will also get sleepy, all that regular sleeping stuff. After my body shuts down, I will enter some sort of dream state where I will be very aware of my body being shut down, and keeping myself on conscious level. In this dream state I experience dreams that feels very different from my regular dreams. For example I will
  5. Well, I found this stone on the road. From its placement half of it was allready tumbled, so i feel by polishing rest of it I will make my stone complete. Thanks and i will report on my proces.
  6. Hello everyone. Its more like a question then a discussion, so i don't know if its right thing to place a new topic here. If its not excuse me i am new here. So the thing is I made my dreamstone and it works really nice! But I am thinking about polishing (tumbling) it using jar with sand and water. The question is does the dreamstone's effect will be destroyed durning the process? Will I Have to repeat the dreamstone's creation process or will it become unusable? Thank you!
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