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  1. I think that I did it, but I'm not so sure
  2. Cyfnos. Can you make that healing session ? I think that I have an idea what to do with him and I will try now bit to be sure can you make the session ?
  3. I did grounding outside. I even make a doll, a golem...I don't know why I make him, his name is Mano. But the thing in my room don't want to leave. I told him to leave, that I don't want him to be here. That I don't allow him to be here. Even in my dream-I still couldn't see him bit again I told him. I was so furious. And nothing happened. And I'm not so advanced to ground him like you.
  4. So I know that there are different ways to purify a room. Can someone writes their way and did you felt that thus way is for you ? What would happen if you used other way and so on.
  5. Is this dangerous "Begin by facing the direction which you feel the energy coming from which is bothering you. It could be towards someone's house, a cardinal direction, or just simply the way it "feels" most strongly. Place your feet about shoulder width apart. Since all human beings are creatures of the earth, it makes the most sense when you think about it to ground their energy back to their larger source, which is the planet itself. Mother earth accepts all her children's energy and will take this from you; or rather, you are bending it back to her.". If it's a spirit ?
  6. Thank you, I will try. I'll consider the classes. And I'm really bad with meditation, yesterday I find some guided meditation to help me find my iner shaman but it worked for some seconds and he told me that I'm not ready and told me to "go home", utf. I just glance his eyes and then he became a bluish-purple fast moving shadow. Today I'll try again but what can I do if my teachers don't want me to learn
  7. I'm not afraid of them. And I don't want to stop seeing them. But I wan't to know what to do when someone is attacking me. Or I want to know who he is and what he wants?Why is he here ? But none of them want's or wanted to communicate with me. And I'm not really good with this kind of stuff. And the thing that you called Recap is something that I call Re-borning or Re-starting. It's not really the same but it really close to the thing that I did. I can't remember if I did something with my head thought. And I don't have any money to pay you for the healing session.
  8. Hello. So... in my room I have a guest that tries to choke me...I lost the number of times now, maybe 7-10 times now. He tries to attack me 2 to 4 times at night but my awarness is really up-leveled so when he just think of doing smth I wake up but simetimes he is so stealthty that I wake up from that my Adam apple is moved. He don't want to speak, I once saw him and he looked like a really small boar but when he attacks me he is big like a human- I don't see him, I just feel him or I see verry blurry the energy that's makes his shape, I think that he may change shapes.Sometimes he just tries
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