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  1. I see. Thank you very much for this input. Because I am new and I've seen so many things about power animals or spirit animals I thought that this was the first step into the journey (finding your spirit/power animal). As a matter of fact I have seen many discussions on this topic and guided meditations for this specific purpose so I just thought it was a stepping stone to this journey. I guess I have a lot of things to figure out. I will try and look for some books or articles on this forum or website that might help me. Thank you!
  2. First, let me apologize if this is a repeat. I searched the forums a bit and did not see a duplicate. I listened to a meditation for finding spirit animals. I have long been connected to wolves. I think that their nature and mine are very similar. I have always thought of my spirit animal as being a wolf. When I did the meditation, I found myself seeing two animals. One was the wolf, and the other the buffalo. I was actually fairly surprised by the buffalo because I have never felt connected to this animal really. I am just confused why I was seeing two animals. Was I not relaxed enoug
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