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  1. Is it a good idea to make a sadness stone, or rock, just like an anger rock, but for sadness? Would one go about that in the same manner as making an anger rock?
  2. Has anyone any experience with the teachings of bartholomew? What do you think of it? Substantial or not? Has anyone read the thiaoouba prophecy? What do you think?
  3. Hi again. I tried recapping yesterday and i got sick. I started with things from when i was in middle school and my perspective of the whole affair, which has always tormented me as unbearably embarrassing changed. I thought alot of my mom and dad... Anyway, i got quite sick, dont know if it was from too many cigarettes or something else... What do you guys think? I think i was touched by a spirit or something another day not too long ago. I tried ayahuasca in Peru, and in the ceremony i asked the leader if the spirits could touch you... He said yes, it feels like a cool wind, if you fe
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    You want friends? Ill give it a shot...
  5. Thanks! Great reply Thanks for telling me about what to look at in recapping, how do you know though? really curious.... What time is it there where you are?
  6. Hi, im new here on the forum. Does anybody know if Its undesirable to recapitulate under the influence of psykopharmaca. Antipsychotics medicine. Can you recapitulate previous lives? Can impotence be cured... In that case how? When Its a case of emotion or mentalitet, not physical. In advance thanks...
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