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  1. Well, I have seen the energy lines but I have not seen any orbs. The grappling hooks present pretty well how the chords connect to you but I have perceived them as being connected everywhere not just the solar plexus. One way to get rid of them is to use a practice of “cord cutting”. The principle, as I know it, is to visualize the cord, then set the intent to 1. regain the energy that is yours, 2. to release the energy that belongs to the other end and then see what happens. Interesting stuff. (Seems to be somewhat along the lines of the recapitulation practice) Whatever remains may or may no
  2. Yes, but now and then that happens even without any spiritual practices, it may just take longer.... One obvious question I failed to ask: Why is the compression so important and what happens compared to not doing it?
  3. OK, thanks both. I will step on the brakes then (but not too much ;-) ) and see how that goes. After all I need to be convinced that it is worthwile pursuing. Regarding relationships: Since I started out with the Shamanic four years ago, actually all relationships have changed simply because the worldview has changed considerably. As a matter of fact: Had I not been thrown into the shamanic cold waters I do not think I could have kept up with the wife's change; for me the most important relationship. Therefore I am not overly concerned in that direction - at least not at the moment :-)
  4. Thanks Karl and Mandy for the quick answers. Ok, so I will try the closet as well. I have been using my blanket for a couple of days now. And I have done exactly what Karl advised to do later: Primarily relationsships and (possibly) traumatic stuff. I was looking for an effective way to test... :-) Well, I will continue testing and may even sign up for the upcoming lesson - although with European time the window is not exactly suitable for late risers.... Jan
  5. Thanks for the quick replies. Yes, that helps - at least to a degree. And it makes sense to me. Nevertheles I think I will have to think on the relationship between awareness and perception a bit more as I have perceived it. And I am not sure whether a quiet mind is possible or even necessary since I think (at least at the moment) the important part is just to not let it rule your actions. Jan
  6. In my experience I found that among those on their spiritual path there are quite a few that had all sorts of spiritual abilities but were not able to wrest control away from their mind/ego. Being able to do the latter is for me awareness - i.e. awareness of me being aware; for example being able to hear yourself think without being the thinker (Lots of "beings" :-) ). To me this ability seemed to be more important, especialy when applied to wordly encounters or situations -but seemingly impossible to do all the time. A Siberian shaman told me that in his tradition they teach awareness as
  7. I wanted to give the recapitulation as described in the article a go and see where I get to in two weeks. Seems pretty straight forward but: How important is the energy compression? The choices "closet" or "heavy blanket" seem doable but a bit impractical. (especially in the summer... :-) ) Is the process more a matter of intent than visualisation? I read in another post that Eman advised to look at specific time periods in ones life. Was that a general or a person specific tip? Thanks Jan
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