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  1. Ok. We are going to bury my step dad today. I will see what I can pick up on when we are there this afternoon. I'll let you know what happens. Thank you!!
  2. Lorri, how do I better understand my death walking ability?? I have only ever seen people I know. I believe I can feel the energy of others but I'm just aware of it. I can't see there intent or understand there intentions. How can i work the muscle so to speak?? I want to be able to "see" it better and understand the energy of people I can perceive.
  3. Hello everyone I have taken a few beginner classes in the cave and I was hoping for some input. Early Friday morning my step dad pasted away suddenly from a massive heart attack. I rushed to my mother's house to be with her And spent the night. That night, the night he died I dreamed that he walked into the living room where I was sleeping and leaned over looking at me. I swiped at him in the dream and told him to go see mom. Go go, go see mom She needs you. Then he walked though the wall to the living room on the other side of the house where he had died. That whole day My mother had called o
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