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  1. Thank you both. I was very hesitant about describing myself as an empath because of the 'modern' 'fashionable' 'buzz word' aspect. I don't usually have much of a problem with reflecting or imitating or just 'feeling' the moods, worries, feelings of others though it is fairly often that I have an insight into something or someone that I am pretty sure I haven't been told. I have to really think things through to work out whether I am projecting or whether I actually am sensing something. This 'my body is giving me physical reactions to someone else's stress' is not pleasant though ... and not helpful either! I'm going to start with the Grounding exercises and see how that goes. The Saturday before last I was in such a bad tempered, uncomfortable, queasy mess that I just had to drive into the forest and park there for a couple of hours (with my knitting!) before I was fit to be in human company once again. Thanks, Helen
  2. Hello all, my first post so apologies if this is already covered (I have had a brief look!) or not appropriate for this section. My family and another are in a period of great stress and turmoil. My friend and her three children (2 of whom have diagnoses, both of my kids have these too) are to be homeless at the end of the month. I'm therefore moving my family out of the top floor of our (not very big) house and her family in .... This involves plumbing in a kitchen upstairs in what was my bedroom and sacrificing the use of our bathroom as Social Services insist that they have entirely separate facilities. My family get to use the downstairs 'cloakroom' and a currently un-used cold water shower in the outside cellar ..... Obviously stress levels are a bit high, and there is a huge amount of lifting shifting, moving and re-organising to be done for my own family, let alone for J and her children. J is extremely stressed, distressed and depressed. She has Bi-Polar and Fibromyalgia and is really struggling. My problem is that I am an empath (to all extent and purposes - not as a new agey "Aren't I cool! I can sense moods!" sense) in the case of suffering headaches, stomach pains and nausea whenever J has had a bad day, or spending the afternoon suffering at work and then meeting J and suddenly understanding - aah, that's why I've been feeling so rough .... Another friend is sending me some sage via her mother, and yet another friend said "I need to teach you banishing" .... but in and amongst the fact that we are trying to half move house, whilst living in the other half, and move a friend's household into this one .... I don't really have the opportunity to meet with either the 'sage' lady or the 'banishing' lady to learn whatever it is I need to do to protect myself and keep the strength and clarity needed to support J (and my family, and her kids) Any advice for keeping myself safe and capable whilst supporting others? Thanks, Helen
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