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  1. I, shaman, journeyer, KNOWS how to deal with all this "stuff"...2 paths.....one is aggressive, mirror to mirror. The other part is "love", which is to chose?
  2. I've been "seeing" energy exchanges for a while now, and just wanted to chat with others about it all, their experiences, and tools they have used, etc. Just seeking like minded people. For example, recently learning that what looks like a black orb is actually the end of an astral cord, usually connected to the more negative part of a person, the darker aspects they carry with them or "project" in order to feed off others. Some start off black, like wisps in the air....in time, they turn brown, and eventually become white. What i've noticed with these "changes" is that a negative, bitter pers
  3. The one thing i do still get is that it is less an alien.... but more an inbetweener between a living person & me. 10 years ago, I had the same kind of thing, & saw this alligator eating away at me & my brother, both of us really sick. Back then I was doing regular journeys, and did see that the animal was another brother whom was really sick at the time, "instinctively feeding" off of us to survive. My "feeling" is that it is the same person or another like in nature, feeding off of the life force of others...either using the alligator as the vessel or it reflects a primal part f
  4. Hello, It sounds like you are highly sensitive and empathic. It really comes down to learning to know yourself and what is yours and what is not ; the boundaries between where you end and others begin. Recapitulation is the method for that and self-healing in general in this tradition, here's a link to an article with the basic exercise: http://www.shamanscave.com/self-healing/the-recapitulation. It takes some work but over time it really pays off and you come to know yourself on levels most people can't imagine. That doesn't mean instant results can't be had, some things can change reall
  5. i also remembered too, that getting past the screaming women part, that i've had this kind of experience {see photo}, but its not me looking back at me, but my father in his earlier 20's, and usually pulling energy out of my mouth. Me and him do not get along. And since I moved back to my birth town, I've been losing the weight. is it possible it is him, and if so, how do i disconnect this once & for all? I have no contact with him, but my brothers do all the time, and i'm beginning to wonder if i should create some distance between them & I for a while? there is a feeling that by conn
  6. does anyone else see the energy connections between people or these black orb like things? i think what these might be are the ends? of negative cords between ppl. Anyone out there see the energy links, hooks, cords, etc?
  7. I was wondering if someone has ever heard of this and / or how to deal with it? Anyway, over the last few months, I've lost alot of weight and try as i might to gain it back, i can't. I've been to many doctors, and no physical reason for issue. So i started to meditate on it, and become aware in dreamtime when i feel uncomfy & wake up. What i began to see was when my solar plexus would react during sleep, i'd feel fear. Not reacting, I'd "scan" nearby, and often saw partial body of what looked like an alligator or crocodile. As i'd try to deal with it, it'd disappear or leave. It seemed to
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