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  1. Pamela

    Stalking the Self

    Hi Lorrie, Got it . And no, it's not too zen at all, it really points me in the right direction. Will continue onward with this! Much love, Pamela
  2. Pamela

    Stalking the Self

    Hello, I am new to this forum and this site. I resonate with much of what is being offered in regards to self-healing. Thank you for all of it! I do have a question, however. Regarding "Stalking the Self" and issues of self-pity, I am having a challenge moving from the place where I can look at my self-importance (I can see that quite clearly) to "What is my responsibility and what is not". For instance, the first time I recognized self-pity via self-importance, it was during a moment of someone receiving a very big gift where I did not. It was palpable the self-pity I felt and I looked at it, looked at the self-importance and could feel something shift inside my belly. However, I couldn't seem to make the connection regarding the responsibility part. If I am not responsible for, in this case, this person receiving the gift, aren't I, in some sense, responsible for me not receiving one too? As in being the creator vs. the victim? Can you see where I'm stuck? I wish to thank you in advance for taking time to read this and respond! I truly appreciate everyone offering their support here. Much love, Pamela
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