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  1. Thank you Kai Very helpful. I'm going to go find some more articles.
  2. Kai- There is so much in that post I'd like to ask about specifically, unfortunately I forgot my password so am limited to using my phone so formatting a reply would get confusing. I hope you can follow my thought here because I have questions. 1. Dream energy being walled off less for some. So a few times I have had waking visions that came true very quickly, another time I was getting flashes of someone's reoccurring dream while I went about my day. I had no context for the flashes till I was told later about the dreams. Would this be dream energy I am accessing during the waking?
  3. nixrana- thank you for you reply. The catalyst experience did start in real life. I don't love terms like tf because I think it misses a lot of nuance. Basically in my experience it was Eden-esque. A relationship fully based on trust, acceptance, nonjudgment and unconditional love. A sudden knowing of god or creator energy within us all that tears at the fabric of everything you "know". Unfortunately humans are pretty bad at sustaining such nonegoic dynamics and what happened first was self judgment, and the downward spiral ensued. I took the opportunity let my previous beliefs
  4. Hi Everyone, I just found this place this week and am already signed up for and looking forward to my first course. glad to have found you So background I have been using Dream stones for about a year though I've called them bedrocks. They have helped immensely with being less fearful when awokend from my sleep by energy around me and have helped with recall of dreams that are meant for guidance. So the question - I have had 3 strange dreams over the course of 3ish years where in 2 of them myself and another speak in unison through the entire dream, thoughts, plans, its kind of like n
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