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  1. Thank you Sphinxy. From what I remember she had a lot of great qualities about her and I may have "fell" for her as possibly being the "one". It was a very weird yet distinct "pull" that happened. I seen her one more time after the event and I felt feelings again for those short moments. I have recently gotten back into meditation and it has been helping out little by little. I was meditating a couple of times a week before the event but even with other things I could "feel" the energy in my heart and have passion for hobbies like i said before. I feel like there something that is missing or b
  2. Thank you Cyfnos and Karl for your insights on my question. I definitely feel like stagnation has played a part recently. I feel like I'm in a daily routine of things and whenever I do change things up I notice a difference in a positive way. I do get a little feeling of joy/excitement whenever i have an idea about a new hobby or project. I felt before I was able to experience all of the emotions in a wide array. Now i feel like i can experience them but they are in no way balanced. I am going to try to switch things up and go with the flow of things. I appreciate your feedback once again, man
  3. Hello everyone, I have had something very odd happen to me and it feels like my soul is lost somewhere. I had a Kundalini awakening unexpectedly about a year and a half ago, I wasn't trying to provoke the energy and I honestly knew nothing about Kundalini in the first place. This really opened up my eyes about what life is really about. I started to "feel" and play around with energy. My life was full of passion, energy, drive and an all around feeling of peace. I work at a hospital and there is a girl that I really like and I've only seen her a couple of times, but every time i seen her, my h
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