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Shamanic journey stopped


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Hi Koiu. I would say, retrieve your energy from the world. We lose energy as we go though life- check out the sections / articles on recapitulation. We constantly move through life retrieving our energy and find the ways we lose energy and try trouble change those things about how we live. 

Good luck to you a d let us know if you have any questions about the recap once you’ve read the articles.


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On 3/25/2021 at 5:20 PM, Koiu said:

I used to be able to journey easily ,i fell asleep once and since then I cannot journey anymore.

what can i do?

This is what I do.  I journey.  Many are healers or sense energies, or etc.... I seek to reach the other realms.

There are many answers as to what you can do, but I cannot endorse any of them.  I don't sleep much.  Sometimes I don't sleep or eat for 4 or so days at a time - no drugs - I just don't.  And then it can seem lost.  That's just me.  For instance, this weekend I don't see sleep in my future.  That's me.

As far as "what can i do"?  I won't recommend things publicly - although Shamans like me who are know for travelling are known for near death, I would never say how online in a public form, for the purpose of decency.  I'm sure you understand.

There are ways to induce lucid dreaming, but I can't recommend what I know.  Another practice I have is food and sleep deprivation, which is way, way harder that it seems, but I can recommend ways to do that without anything super dangerous - the human body can after survive 3 weeks without food and supposedly something like 11 days with no sleep, though I've never made it past 5 with nothing.  Many brag about more but I bet they couldn't back it up.

I do know how to take myself near death.  If that's the "journey" you meant.  But I will not disclose that and endanger the health of others in a public forum.  That said.... "the other side", or as I call it, "The Umbra" must work very hard to climb uphill to reach us, whereas all we have to do is fall downhill.  But it's dangerous.

I'm saying there's ways, but myself as who I am and where I've been won't give information out to people to whom could get hurt.  That said..... Try to stay up a few nights.  Yes, I have tricks.  The more you do it, the quicker you can travel, but be careful.  That is with no narcotics.  I would NEVER recommend anything like that on a public forum.  I only do it wholistically now and may be able to help, but it can still be dangerous to one's health.

I hope I was on the right thing here.  I'm an Odinist Shaman.  Many aren't.  Contact me, but I won't tell you anything dangerous.  Thank you :)


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If you're speaking of missing sleep, one was to go on walks in the night, especially now during the Winter when it's cold.  It will keep you up, but some things could appear scary if you're an initiate.  Just a personal disclosure.

And the more you go, the faster it goes.  This is not a warning, just a point of experience that has gone wrongly for people I know.  Just know that as long as you're strong, nothing out there can hurt you.  Not from my experience.


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