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Recapitulating under influence of psykofarmaca

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Hi, im new here on the forum.


Does anybody know if Its undesirable to recapitulate under the influence of psykopharmaca. Antipsychotics medicine.


Can you recapitulate previous lives?


Can impotence be cured... In that case how? When Its a case of emotion or mentalitet, not physical.


In advance thanks...

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Hi Whiteeagle,


As a rule of thumb, if you're under the influence of anything altering your perception energy body or awareness you aren't in total control of your energy: yes that would affect how well you would retrieve your energy.


The maker tradition doesn't see that we have previous incarnations, rather that we are a composite of various human lives, of recycled threads of human energy that have come together temporarily. You can recap those threads.


About curing impotence: anything is possible. The emotional / mental component can be and usually is reflected in the physical body.


When you recap, Whiteeagle, take a look at when you were 7-8, also when you were 13-ish: there's a lot for you there to look at.



I hope this helps. Welcome to the cave :)

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Hi again.

I tried recapping yesterday and i got sick.

I started with things from when i was in middle school and my perspective of the whole affair, which has always tormented me as unbearably embarrassing changed. I thought alot of my mom and dad...

Anyway, i got quite sick, dont know if it was from too many cigarettes or something else... What do you guys think?


I think i was touched by a spirit or something another day not too long ago. I tried ayahuasca in Peru, and in the ceremony i asked the leader if the spirits could touch you... He said yes, it feels like a cool wind, if you feel it in the back of your nevk They are healing you.

I did indeed feel this feeling of a cool wind on my legs and in the back of my neck. Like a cool breeze or like a shudder Almost. For all i know it could have just been a shudder. It was quite weak. But here the other day i got the same feeling, just much stronger, almost like an actual touch. On my shoulder... Do any of you guys know, or sense anything regarding spirits in my life? It wasnt creepy either, like it was in the ayahuasca ceremony. I felt good, like in the company of a good friend or a family member, safe. Not intrusive or uncomfortable. Same feeling, like a local shudder, but quite strong... Right on my lett shoulder, it was pretty cool, i liker it and want it to happen again... Can the spirits heal you?


Now for something completely different... Has anyone ever had sex with a spirit? Vouluntarily or invouluntarily? Is it recommended! I think i have and Its rather weird. Embarrassing actually, but just ask...


So you dont believe in previous lives...

Ive mer people who do. Some quite wise, professional and recovered patients who attribute their healing to previous life work, being hundred percent convinced that They have lived before...


I havent decided what i believe, but what you say about those fragments or threads, makes me think of something i redd in a slavedriver out book that mentions souls being recycled when They refuse to learn... And i reasoned that a recycled soul containere experience from the soul it used to be...


Happy to find this website and getting replies from you guys...

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A maker is energetically trained to have a wider world view and can see a lot. It is how I knew. We don't give readings or anything like that, but 'see' by virtue of our own energy and not with the aid of any medicinal ceremonial approaches like you mentioned. We believe your healing is in your own hands and not in the hands of anything external to you like spirits. The maker cosmology is slightly different but not in contradiction to other shamanic perceptions and practices.



I hope this helps. I can see you have a lot of questions, we have an upcoming class session on recapitulation and one called quicksilver, which is all about awareness and perception. They might help you on your journey.




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Sorry I seemed to have cut out part of my reply:...


... "The maker cosmology is slightly different but not in contradiction to other shamanic perceptions and practices" in how it perceives reincarnation.


It's not that we don't believe in previous lives, but that we are made out of building blocks of other past lives. In this tradition we've seen that each human comes from a pool of human energy, and that we each are compiled of fragments of many people who have lived in the past. So it isn't that we don't believe in reincarnation, but how we are re-incarnated. For example, that's why so many people in the same lifetime have claimed that they were Cleopatra in a past life: maybe they were all born with a thread of her energy.


Will there ever be another, singular "me" after I die? No. But the energy of me, and the experiences and memories of being me that were added to it, returns to the pool of human energy. It's one great sustainable recycling system :)Can you access and remember these threads of different lives? Yes you can. Like you said, "a recycled soul contains experience from the soul it used to be".


I hope this helps!



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