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Solar cycle? Liminal times?


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Hello Makers.


Niteshad mentions the lunar cycle (phases of the moon) in 1 or 2 articles on the website. In the Maker tradition is there any use of the changes in the solar cycle (seasons of the year)?


I'm thinking of the Celtic observance of the 4 mid-points between the equinoxes and the solstices, particularly Samhain (Halloween) and Beltane (May Day). Those two are times when the otherworld and this world are closer than normal or less separated. Or the "veil" that separates the two is thinned, allowing things and people to pass through.


(In my view it would be a time when, for whatever reason, human perception of things energetic is heightened, easier, and happens for some normal un-shamanic people. There is no veil; these are not two separate worlds. But that's a technicality).


So, from a Maker perspective, is any particular time of year more likely for a perception of normally un-seen things and events?





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Hi Douglas,


Nature has cycles and humans had to understand some of them in order to survive. Think about seasonal rytmes for instance when you have cattle or crops. The solar and lunar cycles are both easy to follow and accurate concerning to seasons. That's why you find them a lot in human folk lore.


On the other hand, energy wise, you can of course find difference between time periods as well as you do in different places.


So in order to achieve things, humans wanting to put all chances on their side, used particular rituals, in particular places, on particular days. But if you need external circumstances in order to do anything, you do not achieve much.


Your personal power, the way you train to learn how to use it, with clarity and determination, is a much greater tool than any calendar.


But if you're growing radishes, you'd better sow them on a growing moon.



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