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  1. Kanon, Welcome to the cave. I hope you find what you need. Douglas
  2. ArcaneHuman, Believe it or not, your description of "psychosis" and "condemnation narrative" very closely parallels my own experience. The details are different of course, but the impact on your day-to-day life seems almost exactly as I was experiencing my life. I also had some encounters and experiences along the way that seemed significant, spiritual or supernatural things, and yet left me ultimately unchanged (and a bit perplexed). And I tried some practices that seemed promising, made some difference, but did not really touch what needed changing. This "thing" (intrusive thoughts, condemnation narrative, "psychosis") of mine just would not move for me, I could not be free of it. That has changed. I have a degree of freedom now that seemed impossible a few years ago. And I'm not done yet, I'm going to get free-er still. But if nothing more changed for me, that would be fine. My life is much better and no longer the living hell that it had become. The minutes that I've invested day-by-day in getting my energy back have paid off well enough that I have no complaints about the process. The recapitulation practice seems almost silly, but it does take some effort and persistence. It's kind of paradoxical. How could doing something like that make me whole when all these other things (and people) could not? I have some ideas about why & how, but they are really irrelevant. What matters it that it works for me. I hope it works for you, if you give it a try again. I think it will. Wishing you all the best, Douglas
  3. Hello Toc, I often place the stone under my upper thigh as I lie on my back in bed falling asleep. It's interesting how much you feel the energy with your stone. That state between sleeping and awareness is a good entry way for me to go into dreaming energy, with or without my dreaming stone. And yes indeed, dreaming energy can be felt while awake too. Welcome to the cave, D,
  4. Works for me too. It's funny how I forget that maybe I can actually do something about these kinds of things. And amazing how much it does work when I remember and put some effort into it. Not battin' 1000 yet, but with practice there is improvement.
  5. and ice cream. don't forget the ice cream.
  6. This sentence fragment begs a question, doesn't it? I have my answer, (enough of an answer to allow me to get to work). So, I'll step out of the picture and phrase it in the 2nd person only--- Who or what are your creators? -d.
  7. Hello Makers. Niteshad mentions the lunar cycle (phases of the moon) in 1 or 2 articles on the website. In the Maker tradition is there any use of the changes in the solar cycle (seasons of the year)? I'm thinking of the Celtic observance of the 4 mid-points between the equinoxes and the solstices, particularly Samhain (Halloween) and Beltane (May Day). Those two are times when the otherworld and this world are closer than normal or less separated. Or the "veil" that separates the two is thinned, allowing things and people to pass through. (In my view it would be a time when, for whatever reason, human perception of things energetic is heightened, easier, and happens for some normal un-shamanic people. There is no veil; these are not two separate worlds. But that's a technicality). So, from a Maker perspective, is any particular time of year more likely for a perception of normally un-seen things and events? Thanks. -d.
  8. thank you. what I "got" (later the same morning nixrana posted his response) was that "left side" was simply referring to that part of personal energy that is little-used, largely neglected, and lies outside of most people's awareness. "left side of your energy" says in 5 words what I just said in 16. much more eloquent and concise than I could be. regarding the original question in this thread, and ralph's response re brain activity, I would be submit that every thing and every event in the physical/material arena has a non-physical cause. I welcome any feedback on that statement.
  9. I was going post last night "never mind. I've got my answer now." I'm glad I didn't.
  10. "The second attention is a shift towards the left side of your energy, . . . ." --- anyone care to comment on the left and right sides of our energy? -d.
  11. Hello Beth, Do you do anything physically when you "activate" your hands, or is it only a matter of intent and will? -douglas
  12. Ralph, My friends (they are few) seem to find it more irritating than endearing. See you in class. -d.
  13. douglas


    The term "ego" is used a few times in articles on this website. What, essentially, is ego? (From a shamanic perspective of course.)
  14. Specifically, gender -- do you experience or perceive energy as being polarized along feminine/masculine lines? (i.e., receptive/active, etc.)
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