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Just out of crisis - confused and feeling a bit alone

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Hi I'm not sure if this is a good place to be or not but at the minute my head is all over the place and I just don't know what I'm doing.


I guess the major thing that brought me here was my personal crisis which was 6 years long, I came out of it without a thyroid and a diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder.


I have had a healing session with a shaman I found on the internet through a place called the sacred trust in the UK. She restored parts of my soul that I had lost, healed a trauma from a past life, took some spirit attachments off and restored my power animal. My knowledge of this is iffy so sorry if the terms don't make sense.


I have a starter course booked this weekend called "the shamans pathway" through the sacred trust and they are teaching me some basic stuff, I am also involved with a local spiritual group who are teaching me pranayama and mantras. I rather stupidly (or not I'm not sue at the minute) started an access course to HE so my day is pretty full up at the minute with various activities, feeling a bit overwhelmed, confused and slightly drained. I am seeing messages in the sky which I sort of understand but don't at the same time. I don't know how to look after myself, I don't know anything about this subject, I know it has something to do with the endocrine system because of the thyroid thing but beyond that I'm pretty clueless. I am not spiritual at all, I don't even believe in ghosts haha.


So yeah, that's me.


Sam X

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Hi Sam,


I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. I have hypothyroidism and I can relate to some of the symptoms living with a thyroid issue might be causing you. You know, there's always a reflection of stuff that happens on an energetic level in the physical body, from emotional trauma, etc.


Can I recommend a couple really simple things that will help you feel better almost instantly? Ground yourself. Find and hold onto a stone (not a crystal)- any stone / rock will do. Or walk barefoot on the grass or earth. Have some root vegetables, like a potato, or carrot soup. Grounding yourself helps rebalance your energy the earth is great like that for us because we are from it. Spend some time in nature if you can- go for a nice walk. I personally like to carry a stone in my pocket.


With all due respect to all the shamans and prayer groups you mentioned, what I'm a little worried about is that all these involvements are leaving you drained rather than helping you feel recharged and to heal. The way we look at things here, yes shamans can help heal you in fact there are some great healers in the world, but to "restore lost pieces of your soul"... no one has the power to do that for you, Sam.


The way we look at things from the Maker tradition we practice here, it's not that you lose pieces of your soul, but that you lose energy... and only YOU have the power to get that energy back, and you can do that without any third party intervention or anyone wanting anything in return. I'm glad you reached out to us, and with your permission I am going to do a couple things to help revitalize you, would that be ok with you?


Please believe that even though life gets tough, you really do have the power to learn how to heal yourself and reclaim all that you have energetically lost. I am speaking from personal experience :) There is an energy retrieval practice that talks about how people how to retrieve their own energy and heal themselves, it's an old shamanic practice called recapitulation you can find on the shamans cave library-- here are some links:








We also offer classes on self-healing, but to me it looks like you would benefit the most right now by slowing down and taking a deep breath. Oftentimes we can be our own best helpers :)


I wish you well on your journey and am glad you reached out. Know that we Makers at the cave are here for you. Please write back and let us know how you're doing.



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Thanks Mandy, I did my starter course with the sacred trust and although I had planned to move on to the more advanced classes immediately afterwards on reflection I'm not ready. It would just exhaust me further. I know how to journey now though so that's helpful, I also met my power animal for the first time and we danced :) that was nice. Going to stick with the access course as it's started now but yeah, trying to do too many things at once is killing me. I'm going back to see the healer I saw originally as I've let myself get into a bad way again but I think looking after myself a bit better should be my aim right now. I had a baked potato for my dinner the other day too. I will learn, slowly does it I think. :)

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