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Need help to Work with Shadows

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Hi, This is my 1st post in this forum, i have been following this site for sometimes and trying to do some self practice also. Yesterday i tried to see the shadow world as mentioned in this link (https://www.shamanscave.com/practices/working-with-shadows). I have tried it into my room at night. I have created shadow and tried to make intention to see the shadow world. after 2 hours (around) of practice i didn't feel any presence or not even can't see any thing. its not like i don't believe in shadow world or in the process. Now i'm seeking your suggestions.

Please help to advise me if i did something wrong or if there anything i must do to work with shadow world.

any kind of suggestion is very much appreciable.

thank you    

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Moving that far as kind of more of an advanced practice, a deeper plunge.

If you want to start working with shadows, I would suggest using them to, at first, to simply let your awareness shift a bit. It's kind of a relaxing feeling, where suddenly "new stuff" leaks in, like things shift or fill in. I don't think most could touch on the shadow world without a good amount of practice, simply because it's a bit further away than the nearby movements of awareness. 

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