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First Time Recapitulation (Recapping Trauma)


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Hi, a friend introduced me to the recapitulation exercise article on shamans cave. I overlooked the part in her email wherein she told me not to jump into the practice without talking to her about it first.

I set a timer for 15 minutes and delved straight into recalling traumatic memories related to my father and my upbringing. After the first session i did an immediate follow up about my mother for about 5 minutes. I rarely if ever give much stock to how she made mistakes. I felt slightly overwhelmed after. I told my friend i had done this and she told me in so many words that it was a mistake to delve into deep traumas right off the get go. She urged me to reach out on the forum and to place emphasis on what i recapped and how i am feeling. I recapped complex physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. I am not feeling any particular long lasting repercussions. I am at a baseline level mentally and emotionally.

She said i should focus on grounding and not start recapitulation. What advice would you have for me?

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hey tom, i'm so happy you reached out here. recapping is great and i'm happy you went for it. and pleased honestly at your receptivity. and a little blown away by the strength of your intent. : o

i do recommend recapping, but wait until you get replies from the shamans first and take the class i told you about if you're able to. in the meantime: sit outside on the ground or stand barefeet out there. hug a tree : ) read the article on grounding i e-mailed you. you might not notice anything right away- for me, i didn't because of my expectations. sometime within the past two weeks i reflected on it, seeing that grounding does in fact 'work' on me.

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I would recommend simply recapping your day, every day, starting out. As you do this, you will start to feel like things connect backwards into your past. Then recap those things, but avoid active relationships or history with your children, and also traumatic events. If something seems like it's "too big" to recap, then just skip it for now. Once you've acquired some experience and time with recap, you can start to work around the edges of those things which are more difficult. There's not a rush to do so. You'll feel like there's a good time to start working on it.

This is also what we do in the classes, to start with. :)


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