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Gambling addiction on slot machines


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i have been gambling for 13 vyears on and off.

It started when i had a trauma

it would stop when i was around loving relationships

and restart when i 

was bored or single again

my trauma which manifested physicxally went away after 7 years

i was on an antidepressants then and also was taking flower essences

i left to live in a different state in australia i had no urges to gamble. 

i know my trauma comes from father relationship but also sexual abuse

when i returnrd back to my state i started again the gambling but not straight away

i want to be honest i like playing the slot machines 

but no matter what i win or lose i play

ive never know what i want from life.

im 36 now i got ptsd a 4 years ago from a relationship and ear sound disorder and i cant do my


i have $40 to my name and am going back to emergency acomodation soon

my father is abusive mentally and emotionally 



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Hi Missaries,

Perhaps you know subconsciously what you want in life because you are here posting to get your message across. Now you found this site, it might mean you start from here or maybe somewhere that can help you turn around. 

 We are offering classes that can absolutely help you with beginning with self healing because that is what's most of us needed to start the process. I know as I've seen many people here that have quite similar to what you are experiencing and I've seen them change but it's not going to be easy for sure, but if you really want real change... you need to roll up your sleeve and work for it. You will get a lot of help from everyone around but still it remain ýou'the driver of change. If you want to drive your car, you steer it in the direction you wanted, the same with life...

Best of luck to you and hope to hear from you here soonest.. btw, which state are you in Australia?


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For me real change means becoming a different person whereas change is being in different circumstances. Real change empowers you to deal with difficult circumstances while change just puts you into different circumstances.

My parents are not so nice, for example. Change is not being around my parents while real change is coming from a different way of being that I stick up for myself and care for myself no matter who or what is around me. Rather than moving to different circumstances I instead have the power to face whatever circumstances come my way. It's a way to be able to affect change in your life by creating your life rather than affect change by moving into circumstances you have no power to create.


Simply put real change for me is about stepping into my personal power to create the life I want for myself instead of finding it or not having it.

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Alex have given you an empowering insight and in fact what he saying is a byproduct of the power we have after we tidy up our mess aka result of real change.

But before you can get to what Alex is saying let's have a tour of what we humans experience and how we normally deal with it.

Based on you initial post, it seems that you been a lot of change and try to change for good, to stay happy as we all humans wants to be. We are programmed to seek out the best in us and life in general. Every single person on this planet wants to be happy, in peace and  fulfilling life. And those drives us to seek out every possible means that can finally make us feel good. No one wants to be unhappy, miserable, depress,physically, emotionally, mentally sick. But because we are here on earth to find our own truth of "who we are' many things and circumstances will arise that would somehow alert us that we are in the wrong way...all these miseries we experience are pointing to the direction of change. 

How we normally deal when things are not going the way we wanted is different for everybody. But the common approach is to seek outside of ourselves the solution of every problem; finding new partner, new job, new place, change career, or new meditation technique, new teacher.. list is on and on.. These are all changes but of all these nothing can give us the intrinsic value or everlasting effect of everything we want in life, Why? because what we are really deeply seeking is, to see ourselves being complete, love, whole, powerful, peaceful, joyful, content and free. These can only be experience and seen within our own being or true Self our own truth. This is the real change. To see who you are vs. who you are not. 

Seeing, knowing, living yourSelf will give you the power how to live. It gives you the direction you wanted, it lights up all those dark spots that made you miserable. You will know what life for. The best thing is you won't be hunted by your past because you have forgiven them with gratitude. From this onward you will see that life indeed is a gift that need to be nurture and cherish because its beautiful. 

Self healing is a step towards real change. 

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