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  1. Hi Wildflower, You've already got excellent advice here but advice is just that, unless we really have to roll up our sleeve and work. The problem sometimes is how we start and take them all in & apply them that can change our situation. You have a very fascinating story btw, a movie material but unfortunately we don't do healing like what movies portray or what Keanu Reeves did in the Constantine movie. I myself came here seeking for healing/truth and for most of us still a continuing journey, relentless search and unceasing unfolding of the path we are called for. Your story, my s
  2. We respect everything you said Deathwalker as we respect in everyone's opinion. I guess what Peastacey mean in this post is everyone has the right to express what they feel and think regardless of people accept them or not, like them or dislike them, or whether other people find it disturbing. Because truly, who we are to judge upon another when we don't know what they been through in life. We respect what science or medicine say about something but for us here we explore what is beyond impossible. I can't argue on what you see and believe, its hard to teach people when they are in their
  3. Alex have given you an empowering insight and in fact what he saying is a byproduct of the power we have after we tidy up our mess aka result of real change. But before you can get to what Alex is saying let's have a tour of what we humans experience and how we normally deal with it. Based on you initial post, it seems that you been a lot of change and try to change for good, to stay happy as we all humans wants to be. We are programmed to seek out the best in us and life in general. Every single person on this planet wants to be happy, in peace and fulfilling life. And those drives
  4. Hi Missaries, Perhaps you know subconsciously what you want in life because you are here posting to get your message across. Now you found this site, it might mean you start from here or maybe somewhere that can help you turn around. We are offering classes that can absolutely help you with beginning with self healing because that is what's most of us needed to start the process. I know as I've seen many people here that have quite similar to what you are experiencing and I've seen them change but it's not going to be easy for sure, but if you really want real change... you need to
  5. aww, so only Seeing 1 is possible for you from tier 1 classes but that is advance class. Next session maybe around September there would be another basic classes to be offered like quicksilver and dreaming 1 so might flag that link to keep you updated or sign up for an email updates so you will receive info classes in the future.
  6. Hi Nitekreature, Please follow the link for our beginner classes. We just started the recap but Spiral class will start on Friday, so either of that you can still sign up. https://www.shamanscave.com/classes/online-classes Belle
  7. Hi Cj, I did really intent to not answer your quesion direcly because a)its pretty hard to conceptualize it and b) its an essay, so when I personally write an essay it is as if I am standing of knowing what I am talking about, like I have complete and clear position of the topic. And since those question you ask is very deep and vast, let alone hard to put into words. That is why, I tried to answer it through the edges. And also as I've said, there are many ways to talk about it, but unless one already experience it, it would be hard to understand. So I will not steal your own thunder to
  8. Hi Cj, Welcome. Am not be a knowledgeable shaman perhaps coz like you am still currently learning shamanism. Though so far I've seen and experienced quite a bit so I will try to answer some of your questions. I haven't heard the terms tripartite unity though it might be similar to three different dimensions or planes of existence. For normal humans our conscious awareness is pretty much anchor on the physical or earth plane and we navigate our awareness pretty much based on five senses. The way we live our lives usually an interplay with our emotions and thinking mind, most often ou
  9. Hi Prairiecreek, Welcome!. I felt I need to clarify some sort of opposing sides of how we gave advice to Northi's initial post. Our responses(me,Holly and Lorrie) were saying to him 'do it for yourself what you want/desire to have. While your advise to Northi was to 'ask for help on whatever he want/desire'. That is what Alex & Peastacey meant when they were spotting the pattern of variances on our responses. And to begin with, there is nothing wrong or right with our responses, only that we are seeing in different angle and perhaps it evokes confusion to you which is why I will try t
  10. hi Northi, Sorry to hear about what you've been through and I personally have no idea how you feel and thanks for trusting here such a sensitive question. I don't know how we can help you because here we don't transform or change external appearance well of course possibility is endless but it is left with the individual to do it not that we can do it for you. There is no quick fix to that but for now what I can say is try to accept who you are, that would be the best thing you can do, I mean the more you try to push yourself the more it become confusing and painful. There is no las
  11. We all might start with wandering or questions that need to be answer, or weird stuff going on with us. And I guess you come here to seek the meaning of all of those. Now I don't want to sound like doing a marketing job, but all of us has gifts in one form or another and we need to enhance our abilities, to get some focus and create beneficial fruits out of it. And in order to facilate and quicken our journey we need guidance. So here, we offer various classes; tier 1 for example, is focus on self-healing, familiarity with Intent to get more clarity, we have dreaming class and awareness and p
  12. neat username photo  :D

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