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  1. Hi ArcaneHuman, Being aware of them is already a progress, next step for you is to feel/sense what they want from you, why they are latching on you. What are you feeding them, why they keep going back and messing you up. Sorry if the words sounds ruthless, but I don't know how to say that in nice way.. To get rid of them is to get rid of the food you are putting on your table.. remove those cramps, food, dessert, all of those, clean your table top.. they will leave you alone. Belle
  2. If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to.

    If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

    74th verse of the Wisdom of the Tao

  3. We do really feel helpless if our minds attack us. Can you see that there appears to be many of you, there is your mind that seems to have its mind of its own, then there is part of you that is feeling vulnerable and crippling with fear, then there is part of you trying to do the white magic to counter punch with you feeling the black magic. But who are you? We can't really solve the problem using our mind the same mind that used to create the problem in the first place. Your experiences are all seems to be in your mind, our mind is powerful don't underestimate it.. it creates the problem and same time it creates a seeming solution and then 'you' are just being tossed from one end to the next but still within the same spectrum, so it just like a roller coaster, it goes up and down but its only in a cycle. So how can we get out from the cycle? I don't think it has a quick fix knowing that there are so many aspects in our energy involve. But having started with recap is great way, you are doing spiral too which gives you would gain clarity, you are taking quicksilver which would help you deal with stuckness in your emotional response, so these would definitely keep you moving out from that cycle. Also try to ground yourself, I mean do some physical activities..it helps clear the mind and anchor you. Belle ps.. I don't downplay the power of praying, me myself coming from a religious background.. but don't think that praying will ultimately solve your problem it will help you find your way.. but it still you will have to do it for yourself.. it doesn't mean that God is mean but He wanted you to see Him as yourself..
  4. Hi EnergyGem, Its great to find other wisdom in different tradition in parallel to what we see and know. Its just boils down the how we find the ways to know, I would like to say that we all have different doorway but at the end we have the same destination. Thank you for introducing that to us, I also believe that physical body is important in integrating all the knowledge. Belle
  5. Hi ArcaneHuman, Yes the world is so familiar what we see today we 'expect' that we see them tomorrow or the next day. So 'expectation' is not the same as intent. We help perpetuate the existence of whatever that 'is' not because of our moment to moment intent but because we had already agree, accept and expect that as part of our reality. Although it could be a combination of 'expectation' and 'intent' for something to keep existing, like when you go to buy cigarette, first you expect that store to be there and you keep on buying help sustain the original intent of the owner. You go to groceries to buy your food, you expect that the products you are buying and the store still exist. Something that already visible and defined to us we 'expect' that it will do the same thing. When you sit in a chair, you 'expect' first that it will hold you up rather you intent to hold it up. We keep the collective intent by supporting it buy patronizing it but we can intent something what we think right... we don't have to always agree what's our reality that has been created and set out. So build your new reality by having clear intent and unbending will, Its like you sewing a cloth, fabric is your intent, the needle is your will.. Belle
  6. I just read again the whole writing on this thread and I realized my response is not addressing your post, When I was writing my reply I was clear that it is what you need to hear. Well done.
  7. Hi PeZetKa, I've been reading your posts everywhere in the general forum and I totally enjoyed reading them. Some of us here responded to your post/s and some don't and for me personally I didn't reply because what you were writing did resonates to me, perhaps not exactly how you experience them but I totally understand, so to me there is nothing to talk about, you me and others here in the cave are on the same page. We experience oneness, we experience connectivity, we visited different dimensions, we explore different planets/ worlds and beyond. How did we get there? we waited until the time that our perception is ready to fly, our awareness expand, our energy is big enough, until we can see clearly and not muddled up to the seeming conflicting realities. We make sure that when we come back from the journey we can still function well in this earth dimension, live and act as normal, in short we know how to live two worlds at the same time. And our experience of the oneness, the connections helps us live in a compassionate, kind and humble human being. So what we did on that waiting period? you might ask, we heal ourselves. In the Maker tradition, self healing is our starting point. Why because we can't see the energy in its rawness until we remove the veils of illusions, to remove the mirage of our past that keep us blind, we can't experience the timelessness or eternity if we are chained by our past, we can't be in the flow of energy if we are so anchored by our attachment and our identity. That's perhaps the difference between our tradition to others, we don't induce with substance to fly into the unknown because we don't want to assault the logic and reason which is part and parcel of being humans. Self healing will give you the platform where you can stand, understand 'you' as human and that human has meaning and purpose while on earth and same time understand that 'you' is a 'being' that is connected to everything and to the 'One' So another difference is the experience, when we experience the 'one' we immerse on it, its not just plain 'seeing' it. When we immerse, we take in its quality, its intelligence, understand its completeness. So the question, if one experience the 'One', why one will panic and fall into fear, when the 'One' is ALL encompassing? that's the difference between immersion and seeing. Another reason why one panic, is because the thread and the patterns of being unhealed human still hook you to the seeming predatory universe. And that's the very reason why we advertise self healing. Belle
  8. Would you be able to split yourself like one of you watching the self that is experiencing the depression so its like one becomes the watcher and then there is part of you as the watched. Then when you can watch your other self don't resist or judged whatever it is experiencing. The fact that you can give attention to your other self can be a form of detachment and later on you can uncover whatever lies behind the depressed self, surely their is a pattern that runs and make it active. Although I understand that you can't stay focus too much but just try. Will to lift yourself even for few moments.. take a baby step to get your life back in shape...
  9. Sorry to hear about that, I don't know the feeling of it so I won't pretend that I know what you been through. However, as I see it it seems like your energy is weigh down is just like there is lack of fire or spark within. I wonder if you have a childhood experience that leads to your depression, perhaps a nexus point or it could be an agreement( unconscious of course ). If you have done spiral 1 class, please revisit the first exercise, it might help you lift, ride the intent of life itself. Belle
  10. Hi Thomas, The intent for that exercise is not so much to get 10/10 which must be a bonus if you can get that, however the most important is to raise your awareness of how your intent moves, what is your feeling when moving or not moving and how does it feels to you when the coin is aligning to your intent or not. If you felt its forced, then it might be where you position yourself and its understandable that we humans we normally use our minds and our minds has been conditioned to believe that we don't have power or doing something not normal is against the natural laws and that its impossible to do such thing,, so many stories that we hang on and believe that we don't realized those conditioning stopped us from moving forward and coiling us towards our evolution as human species and the entire creations so if you want take the barrier and those that we have been conditioned to.. then break that wall... use Intent. It is however why we emphasize self healing- to remove all those idea of what you believe & think you are, once you see your essence, you will have less or maybe no fear of breaking rules of reality or even fearful of your power. Fear is only in our minds so free your mind, though I don't promise its gonna be easy.. Belle
  11. We respect everything you said Deathwalker as we respect in everyone's opinion. I guess what Peastacey mean in this post is everyone has the right to express what they feel and think regardless of people accept them or not, like them or dislike them, or whether other people find it disturbing. Because truly, who we are to judge upon another when we don't know what they been through in life. We respect what science or medicine say about something but for us here we explore what is beyond impossible. I can't argue on what you see and believe, its hard to teach people when they are in their strong position. But thank you for your post and you are always welcome.
  12. Alex have given you an empowering insight and in fact what he saying is a byproduct of the power we have after we tidy up our mess aka result of real change. But before you can get to what Alex is saying let's have a tour of what we humans experience and how we normally deal with it. Based on you initial post, it seems that you been a lot of change and try to change for good, to stay happy as we all humans wants to be. We are programmed to seek out the best in us and life in general. Every single person on this planet wants to be happy, in peace and fulfilling life. And those drives us to seek out every possible means that can finally make us feel good. No one wants to be unhappy, miserable, depress,physically, emotionally, mentally sick. But because we are here on earth to find our own truth of "who we are' many things and circumstances will arise that would somehow alert us that we are in the wrong way...all these miseries we experience are pointing to the direction of change. How we normally deal when things are not going the way we wanted is different for everybody. But the common approach is to seek outside of ourselves the solution of every problem; finding new partner, new job, new place, change career, or new meditation technique, new teacher.. list is on and on.. These are all changes but of all these nothing can give us the intrinsic value or everlasting effect of everything we want in life, Why? because what we are really deeply seeking is, to see ourselves being complete, love, whole, powerful, peaceful, joyful, content and free. These can only be experience and seen within our own being or true Self our own truth. This is the real change. To see who you are vs. who you are not. Seeing, knowing, living yourSelf will give you the power how to live. It gives you the direction you wanted, it lights up all those dark spots that made you miserable. You will know what life for. The best thing is you won't be hunted by your past because you have forgiven them with gratitude. From this onward you will see that life indeed is a gift that need to be nurture and cherish because its beautiful. Self healing is a step towards real change.
  13. Hi Missaries, Perhaps you know subconsciously what you want in life because you are here posting to get your message across. Now you found this site, it might mean you start from here or maybe somewhere that can help you turn around. We are offering classes that can absolutely help you with beginning with self healing because that is what's most of us needed to start the process. I know as I've seen many people here that have quite similar to what you are experiencing and I've seen them change but it's not going to be easy for sure, but if you really want real change... you need to roll up your sleeve and work for it. You will get a lot of help from everyone around but still it remain ├Żou'the driver of change. If you want to drive your car, you steer it in the direction you wanted, the same with life... Best of luck to you and hope to hear from you here soonest.. btw, which state are you in Australia? Belle
  14. aww, so only Seeing 1 is possible for you from tier 1 classes but that is advance class. Next session maybe around September there would be another basic classes to be offered like quicksilver and dreaming 1 so might flag that link to keep you updated or sign up for an email updates so you will receive info classes in the future.
  15. Hi Nitekreature, Please follow the link for our beginner classes. We just started the recap but Spiral class will start on Friday, so either of that you can still sign up. https://www.shamanscave.com/classes/online-classes Belle
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