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Shamanic Sickness

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Hi all, I have done a little research about shamanism, sought advice from a friend who is initiating as a shaman, and have also took part in a shamanic session. I’m looking for a few more opinions on some of my own experiences and would be grateful for any insight.

I’ve come across the idea of shamanic illness or sickness, and can’t help but wonder if it applies to myself - my physical and mental health have suffered quite a bit but I’ve been unable to find any relief via conventional or homeopathic means. Acute anxiety, depression and insomnia have been present for twelve years, and I’ve been so diligent in seeking treatment and keeping up routines, following all advice and coming up with my own strategies, but the problems persist. I’ve developed a joint condition which is taking away my ability to play music - and as I earn part of my income as a musician this is worrying - and to try to think straight is rarely possible (I think this is referred to as brain fog by some). I won’t go into any more detail about my health other than to say every avenue I’ve so far pursued professionally has been cut off or severely hindered by my health issues. It’s like I’m trapped and can’t move forward, despite a strong determination to do so.

I’ve always been creative and highly imaginative, but lately my dreams have been particularly vivid, and even prophetic. I’ve been quite rattled when on the morning following a dream something on the radio, tv or a book would show me unmistakably what I’d dreamed. I’ve also experienced many other synchronistic events lately such as the school friend of a family member moving into the flat next door with no prior knowledge of me being there (and I live in the second most populous city in England), a car accident I happened to witness where I not only knew one of the people involved but when the paramedics turned up one of them went to my school, along with other coincidences.

I’ve felt all my life, though more so as time goes on, that I’m slightly absent from life - I’m absent minded, slow to react and interpret information, and I can’t stress enough how hard it is to keep my focus on the here and now (I’m told I have traits of ADHD by a professional).

I appreciate anybody taking the time to read this. Can anybody tell me what I might be experiencing from a shamanistic point of view?




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Those types of weird illnesses and experiences do happen for people with the inclination towards a shamanic path. 

However, there's also usually a pattern where there's an inclination towards the shamanic, a desire for your energy to experience the "bigger" stage, healing, visions, etc., and then a fighting-back process, trying to get back to "normal" life. That creates a conflict where you end up in a downward spiral and the shamanic sickness happens. That's sort of the classic variation. 

In some, especially in childhood, you can just have it happen, but often it's part of this sort of conflict that's set up in our energy. That conflict is often part of our shamanic path itself, the desire to move outward, and the fear of ultimately following that way. 

So, could it be shamanism? Yes. Could it be something else? Also yes. If nothing else, you can find yourself on a path of self-healing out of desperation, and that is a very shamanic moment, in and of itself, and it can give you a very strong sense of purpose to succeed in it. You reach a point where you have nothing to lose.

To figure out which is which, you have to explore it yourself, where it began, and the detail of it, where it's taking you, especially the emotional and spiritual side of it, rather than the physical disease of it -- although that is also part of it.


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