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Attacked by entities


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Hy. I'm attacked by entities. The entities are some individuals from my past . They wanted to become demons. And they send me spirits of themselves to possess  my body and my house. They have spirit eyes in reality and have access to the room where i live . From reality they work and they keep this attack on me. The eyes used are called god eyes. And they also have their own voices here on my ears. What to do? What do you know about this? 

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i would focus less on who they are, where they come from, what they're about and the fact that whoever these things are think they can have their way with you. what is it in yourself that you can push out to remind yourself that your energy is worth way more than getting messed with? the others don't matter. it's about us trusting our own glorious power. trust me i know it''s unfair but we have certain responsibilities when leech energy comes at us lol, but withstanding how unfair things are is what being brave is all about : )

keep pushing your assertiveness out there consistently. you are allowed to have your boundaries. : ) everything has a power to it that can be amazing for healing, but you need to set boundaries first so that your energy doesn't get overwhelmed with *everything* that can be offered from another source all at once. generally i find that the most aggressive forces out there have the most healing to offer. also i'm good at giving advice, but it took me forever to begin getting to this place...



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