The Caverns

About us

About The Caverns

Classes at Shamans Cave have a new name, The Caverns. The name may be new, but the classes are the same ones developed over many years here. This version of the classes began November 5th, 2005. Prior to this the Cavelings classes ran for three years and prior to that, the old cappers classes lasted 18 months. We wanted to offer a course of study that covered the entire Maker tradition and have done so with over sixty courses of at least seven classes each, almost five hundred exercises, workshops and special topic classes. The Caverns offers an entire course of study and practice, a tradition complete and the opportunity to change yourself and hopefully the world around you for the better. Join us for a class or if you have questions use our contact form to contact the admins. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is simple, help those facing the trials of being 'different' in a world that prizes uniformity and conformity. Helping people grow and discover how to heal both themselves and others, to create a new way of being in the world, one which conveys the beauty of their difference and compassion of their actions. 

About NiteShad


Now, who is this Niteshad character and why is he saying all those bizarre things? Niteshad is Gary Mills, a 68 year old oddity in the southeastern United States. The website was written entirely by him from the variety of his experience both in learning and practice in a specific tradition passed down through his family known as the makers.

He wears suspenders and has been described variously from looking like a truck driver, to Wilford Brimley, to Jed Clampett on steroids. Fortunately, online students don't have to look at him, only listen. He holds a college degree, but not too closely and a variety of other certifications, kudos and real-world pieces of paper which have utterly nothing to do with shamanism or the practice of it. What he does have at this point is 62 years of experience in shamanic practice. He has translated a primarily oral and hidden tradition into modern terms and brought that back into the world through teaching, workshops and the website.

He is not a new age shaman, and rarely what people expect a shaman to be like, which perhaps says more about the perception of shamans than shamans themselves. His methods are quiet, subtle and yet effective. Over 25 years of teaching on the internet alone have allowed him to help hundreds of people spread across a number of continents. His interest is in helping those that find their life experience and reality at odds with each other and to help them come to grips with their own talents and use them as skillfully as possible to change their own lives and the world around them.

Thanks for your interest and inquiry, hope to hear from you soon.



Meet The Shamans Cave Faculty

Meet The Shamans Cave Faculty


The Shamans Cave faculty represents years of combined teaching experience in the Maker tradition. Each faculty member brings their own unique experiences to the tradition and can answer questions related to the practices and philosphy of the Makers. Click above to read faculty bios and get to know the people behind the teaching.


How do the classes work?

New class sessions are usually announced in the Student Forum, via email for those on our mailing list, and on Facebook on the Shamans Cave FB page. New and ongoing students may sign up for classes at Classes and pay via PayPal. New students will receive a username and password so they may access the Student Forum and their class listed in the Class Forum (ex. Recapitulation 1). Within the Class Forum, you'll find the IRC link to the class. On the day/time of the class, the student will go to class by clicking the IRC link. Classes are in a conversational format for 90 minutes with an exercise given weekly toward the end of the class time. Students will practice the exercise throughout the week and report back their experiences in the Class Forum under their class name and in class the following week. Edited transcript logs of the class and exercise will become available usually a few days after the class for student's indefinite access and reference via the Student Library.