Contemporary Shamanism

art60Most people who study a shamanic path fail to fully appreciate the role perception plays in moving them from point A to point B.

Shamans learn to handle perceptual awareness with a subtle grace which is often ignored by the neophyte, or worse, mistaken for something entirely different.

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rock in the bayHow is ecstatic trance different from self-hypnosis or visualization?

There are some practitioners going around talking about shamanic trance in terms that are right out of a hypnosis textbook. The trance we're talking about can actually start that way, but self-hypnosis tends to spiral in on itself where the ecstatic trance moves outward taking you with it.  It was called ecstatic because it was first arrived at through dance, drumming, and general hoopla

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In the common vernacular, there are healers and seers.

What are the primary paths of shamanism?

As in dreamers versus stalkers, or oracles and seers and such?  

I see it this way: shamans have to become accomplished stalkers, dreamers, seers, and healers, as well as a few other things, but according to each individual's predilections, they will end up specializing in one area.

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