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  1. kark hi, u said : "We don't generally work a lot with lucid dreaming (normal consciousness in dreaming isn't super interesting in a shamanic sense), but a change to the program might be good to let it switch to something newer." interesting or not Karl I am unclear as to what you mean by the above statement ??? I am under the impression that to do any work as a dreamer controlling lucid dreaming with the intent to achieve a result as ascertained by the dreamer at the time is ALL about the work? or is THAT what you said/meant when you suggested to Kaf that they chan
  2. Hi I have done some study here and there; mostly here - a while back now. This site is my go-to spot for clarification It is comforting to see familiar names ..thanx for still being here :0 I have had a few dreams regarding the death of people I have known in the past ..... I was still studying here when occurred... ..this proved to be a help for me. I have chosen to interpret these dreams as a sort of heads up and thus a way of preparing my self for the event when it occurs. I usually had a close connection with the people who had died I did not find this to be unusual or con
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