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  1. KAF


    I have always felt out of place with other people and don't have many friends but it is my choice, and I'm oftentimes an outsider. I often feel bored with this entire plane of existence ( if I watch a movie it's as if I know how it will turn out so there is very little enjoyment I get out of things). I have often felt as if I don't belong here and shouldn't be here which makes me feel lonely but I have accepted this and have a found peace within myself from it. I find more at ease in nature then I do with groups of people even if it is in my own backyard watching the animals. I think once you accept yourself and this is who you are you will feel more at ease.
  2. hello its nice to meet you

  3. KAF

    help with dreams

    I used to have nightmares all the time until I taught myself how to take control of them and turn the nightmare around to what I wanted to happen. Now I no longer have them as frequently or scary as they used to be since I know I can control what happens in them. Learning how to do this did not happen overnight it took me a long time to figure it out and since then I no longer have a fear of them.
  4. KAF

    Help please

    I have to agree with Flowerfairy until you become used to it and just let go of the emotions it tends to become easier. I had sort of the same thing when I experienced my first astral projection, I didn't know what was happening and jumped back into my body. The second time I did it without trying I knew what was going on and stayed a bit longer before jumping back into my body by the third time it was easier and I stayed even longer. I think it's just getting past the fear and excitement and knowing what's happening but you just have to relax. From my experience I find that if I try to experience something it doesn't work no matter how often I just have to let it happen on it's own accord.
  5. KAF

    Could this be real

    That is what it seems like to me, as I tend to do that in some of what I call dreams but clearly are not after examining them upon waking.
  6. KAF

    Repetitive Theme

    Thank you again for some insights. KAF
  7. KAF

    Repetitive Theme

    Thank you Karl. Maybe if this happens again with this same dream I will try and take an active part in it instead of letting it play out on it's own. What I find odd is that it's basically the same dream but with different versions of the neighborhood always different houses, terrain, landscape but always the same house layout more or less. I think all of my experiences abilities have just come to me naturally without any previous training or knowledge. Each one has come to me not all at the same time but one at a time I guess to let me adjust to them one at a time and get used to them one at a time and then moving to the next one almost as if I'm being taught one step at a time, at least that is how it feels to me.
  8. KAF

    Repetitive Theme

    I am not able to do that yet. I have tried it on several occasions but still can not do it. I have however visited a few people that I know in their dreams, one of which told me so the day after it happened, I had popped into her dream and then popped out just as quick. I'm pretty sure it has happened to a couple other people I know but they have just given me a strange look the next day that I had seen them in person. This too seems to happen randomly and I have tried to do it on my own to visit one particular person to no avail.
  9. KAF

    Repetitive Theme

    I got into lucid dreaming to help stop nightmares that I was getting quite frequently when I was younger mid 20's and earlier but then I learned to use that as well to explore my dreams in what I would say is outside the norm, exploring settings changing the scenery or as you say taking control of the dream. . Now when I have dreams some of which are normal I just let them play out without interfering other times I will use that ability to take absolute control of the dream. I have had instances where what I thought was a dream seems to be more of what I call traveling to other places that I have not been to before in real life but the details go beyond the reach of a normal dream where everything is in great detail as if I'm really there. Sometimes I am able to go back to the same places more then once nights later. In other dreams I have met people that I do not know or have never met in real life but have felt as if I have known them for some time.
  10. KAF

    Repetitive Theme

    When I'm in the house dreams everything seems to be in super detail from the books on the shelves in one to the pine needles and snow on the ground. I have noticed upon waking that I'm thinking wow what was that about and how very detailed it was versus a normal dream where there is detail but it is sort of bland. I may notice the books on a shelf but not the actual colors and sizes as in a detailed dream. I also noted in the detailed dreams some of my sense touch sounds and sight but not smell or taste. In a normal dream for me I might notice snow on the ground but not down to seeing some of the crystals as you would in real life, or I might see the pine trees but maybe just notice a brownish coloring under the trees and not the actual accumulation of the needles like in my detailed dreams. Movement in the dreams is usually normal walking around maybe walking up to the house but experiencing everything up to the house in great detail. What I find strange is it's always feels like I have lived here all of my life just that each house is different from the styling and actual building itself but it is always my home. Usually before going to bed before I have these dreams everything is pretty much normal and I may not be thinking of much at the time . During the dreams I am not really interacting but letting it play out as nothing seems to be of worry to me almost as if I'm trying to see where things are going to lead me to. If it was a lucid dream I would notice it and interact with the people to or go and try to walk around more and see if I can find any clues to what is going on in these dreams.
  11. KAF

    Repetitive Theme

    Hi all. Over the last few months I've had at least 3 " dreams" with a similar theme I walking up to my house but in each dream the house is completely different ( different house, facing direction, terrain etc). While in the dream I recognize extreme amounts of detail down to the smallest thing as though I am actually living in this " dream", the only thing that seams to remain constant is myself and my neighbors it's the houses that always seem to change. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what may be going on. I do tend to have lucid dreams though not all that often, I do travel during sleep to other locations but for only a matter of a couple seconds, as well as I have bilocated several times. I have popped into the dreams of others as well unknown by me but have been told by those it has happened to. I'm just wondering if any of this plays a part in this.
  12. Hello everyone over the last few months I have been having flashes of the past while I am awake, it happens at random times whether I am home or at work or traveling in my car. These flashes are brief but very intense and detailed and I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them as they seem to come out of nowhere. Thanks KAF
  13. I am able to do that now for many years, I taught myself how back when I had nightmares so that I could effect the outcome of the dream. Since I learned how to do this my nightmares seemed to end and now I have what I call fairly normal dreams with the exception of those that are more vivid and detailed then the others.
  14. I have something similar happen to me at times while I am asleep and "dreaming " but fully conscious. I do not see things through other's eyes but what I do see is usually very vivid, and I sometimes bounce from one place to another as if I am traveling to see different things. I myself often refer to it as traveling while I do believe it to be a form of astral projection/ lucid dreaming. A few times I have had a person ask me the next day if I was dreaming the previous night because I had popped into their dreams for a brief moment. And when I tell them that I was dreaming they just respond with an " I thought so" but this is usually only people I know fairly well.
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