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  1. Oh, that's good to know. And your response was super helpful, thank you
  2. I've struggled with convincing myself to recap for years (decades? idk) and tried various solutions to no avail. I assume it's fear, but I haven't been able to pin it down. Recently, I started a meditation program that focuses almost exclusively on letting go. I've been doing great with it so far, and I'm tickled to get in real practice letting go, something I've also struggled with for years (grudges and such). I'm sure it's not as effective as the letting go portion of the recap process since my energy isn't compressed, the intent is different, etc., etc. Still, I think it's good practice all the same. Suppose I do this meditation technique, and it turns out to be effective to some degree or another at letting go of foreign energy. Will it be a problem when I recap later? Also, I understand that I won't be as effective with the work until I get my energy back. But will this cause problems for me during classes while I'm learning to do this stuff if I've let go of foreign energy but not pursued my own?
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