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  1. Hi there, When I tried to look up your account on the site, there was no account for ArcaneHuman, I think you may have only created an account on the forums? There are actually two places you need to create an account, you can use the same password for ease of remembering but the are two different accounts. I created an account for you, I'll pm the password to you. Let me know if this did not fix the problem. Lorrie
  2. I've given you access to the Spirals 1 student forum so that you can ask questions there, that is the best place to ask as it keeps everything from getting scattered all over the forums and you've taken the class and are clearly interested in using the practices and learning more: https://www.shamanscave.com/forum/forum/6-spirals/ Basically, the intents can be stored in different areas of your energy body, so good work in being able to recognize where they are. When you take Recap., you will learn how to target those areas in your body to get access to the memories behind those intents you formed and recover it as well as the intent itself. The Recap and Spirals practices go hand in hand in helping to recover energy that you have trapped in different parts of your physical and energetic body over your lifetime. So you are doing things correctly. What the Recap will do for you in this process is to help you not only recover the energy from these experiences but it will also help you to understand and recognize the patterns in your life that got created over time either from these experiences or were reinforced as a result of the patterns once in place.
  3. Hi Arcane, As far as the start date of the next Recap class, it's currently set for December 11th with a cut off sign up date of December 18th because we allow people to sign up after the class starts for a week, maybe two at which point they can still get caught up but after that, there really is a cut off date. That being said, the start date could get pushed back to December 18th if we have low signups and want to give it another week, so it's not set in stone. The class will definitely go a lot deeper into recap than just the basic exercise you see on the site, each week will focus on a new area of recap. so that you can learn different ways to get at recovering energy that's tied up within your energy body. There really isn't a class to fill in that time place, we are working on self-study classes but even if we had them, they would run 7 weeks like a normal class. But you bring up an interesting idea, maybe we should look at some mini-classes on topics that could be covered in a shorter period of time. Regarding the spirals exercise, seeing a void of nothingness behind everything is getting close. There definitely is a state of Potential there (we break time down into the Three P's Potential, Possibility and Probability energies but that is a subject taught over a few classes) I think you're close though, you're looking for the pulse that animates all life and everything in the universe and it is in Everything. It's the intent of the universe, it's the intent to live and take that next breath and the intent to know oneself and be who you are. It should feel vast but not so much a void, it is very full of intent.
  4. We usually recommend taking Recap I and Spirals I to start out, it starts the self-healing process that will recover personal energy which will help you to do well in the other classes. Quicksilver is a class that would be okay to take starting out but it will touch on some things taught in Spirals, like intent but you've taken Spirals 1 (you must have taken the free version? I can't find the permissions for the spirals forum in your profile so I was wondering, it's still the same class material) so you have some of the needed training that will help you with this class. Shamanic Voice is an end of Tier 1 class so you would definitely need to take several prerequisites before attempting that one, it really relies a lot on material gone over in other classes. I would say the best options are Recap 1, to recover personal energy and heal your past and/or Quicksilver, which you will learn about using the energy of Awareness and Perception, which are the cornerstone practices of the Maker tradition (and really any shamanic tradition) . Lorrie
  5. Excellent work, I think you are gaining traction and you are also recovering energy, if you are intending to release what is not yours and return to you what is yours, then you will get stronger and stronger - recover more and more energy over time and this will help as well. One other thing you can try when fear hits if you find white magick is not working so much is to try and flip your emotion to anger. Emotions are different poles in our energy and anger is the opposite pole of fear and you can cancel out your fear by switching to feeling angry (just imagine something that always makes you really angry) and that action will neutralize the fear because it's pulling it back from the fear pole to a more centered location in your energy. This will never wear off too, this will always work because emotions are part of our makeup. Nice work though, Im glad it's brought you some relief.
  6. I think you can try working on it in a limited way u til you feel you are okay with delving into it. We call it 'working the edges' of traumatic events. I'm not sure where it's a bout of psychosis rather than an actual event in the past (although there may be a past connected event), where exactly to start. You could try recapping the days and hours leading up to it but stop short of recapping the actual psychosis. You could recap your life prior to the onset of this psychosis and stop just before. If this is not something you've had your entire life. The idea is to work on the peripherals and not dive full on into the worst of it emotionally. You could also work on recapping any other events in your life when you felt condemned but it wasn't part of a psychosis. Do you get where I am going with this? Don't re traumatize yourself through the recapitulate, take it in manageable pieces and as you work through them, you can gradually work your way in to the deeper stuff.
  7. Well, intent is something different from makers, I think. Intent is the animating force of the universe, we live in a sea of intent and nothing is created or exists except through it. The term "Maker," I'm not sure, but I think it comes after the tradition was -brought to the US centuries ago, the original name for the tradition, I'm not sure what it is, probably something like 'the tradition' in whatever language used at the time. "Maker," in the terms of the tradition's name, refers to The Maker as in "meet your maker" maker, which implies that a Maker is on the same level as The Maker in terms of creating or making our reality, makers make their world through using Intent and Will. As far as what's driving that intent to create and what they create, every Maker will choose for themselves. But that being said, the intent of the universe in the maker view is to "know itself." So, for me, I see a lot of that intent in all people no matter who they are. I see it expressed as "wanting to be heard." Creating something unique in the world, the drive to achieve recognition and acknowledgement, to me, seem to all come from that universal intent of the universe to know itself as expressed through sentience of all forms of life - organic, inorganic For the "watching yourself acting as a watcher" the makers have a different view of that contained in the context of The Other (or Double if you are being all Castaneda-ish) You don't have to take my word for it, you can find out for yourself through training here. (sorry not trying to shamelessly plug the classes but there is a lot of knowledge here that would take a long time to put in a post) I agree with you in that free will is an illusion unless you take the time to recover and clean your energy through recap and stalking yourself to the point that you see exactly how you created your world from the moment (and before) you were born. How culture impacted your world view, how your family and even genetics impacted the world you created - and this is my point - if you have a life of no free will, which most of us do unless we work to regain it, yes, you are not in control in the sense that you have accepted a world view that you did not agree to create. You might be too lazy, it's good to be honest with yourself. But you are asking questions and that's a lot more than most people do. It is a lot of hard work to regain control and honestly, most people do not complete doing that, they get some self-healing and they go on their way because this path is not easy and not comfortable to get through. So it's usually only people that feel driven to know or feel they have no other choice a sort of change or die feeling, these are the ones that push through. There are pros and cons of learning this or any tradition. You do gain a sense of personal freedom, of not feeling like you are at the whims of anyone or anything and that is incredibly liberating. But there does seem to be a price, you don't feel like you fit in anymore, sometimes friends and family members stop talking to you because you are no longer who they knew - if you played some sort of role that supported their world view, well now that's gone and so you don't fulfill that role for them anymore. So it's a like a lot of things, the process changes you and it changes your world but you are in control (well always have been but you just weren't aware) of how your world gets created. I feel like I fall into the category of I had to know, something was driving me to know and it wasn't so much about will power, I am pretty lazy in general otherwise. I can see why they say that and agree on the level that everything that can exist already exists in Potential. However, what actually manifests here, in this world, is still very much a crap shoot based on intent, will and the flow of the components of time: potential, possibility and probability and how they become woven as they move towards manifestation in the here and now. Lorrie
  8. You talked about a few different things, I want to respond to what seems to be the bigger question or point you are making. Makers see that everything makes 'agreements' of some sort. One of the biggest agreements for humans is the collective agreement about reality - what is up, what is down, is the ocean blue, is it impossible to walk through walls or bilocate? Humans formed agreements with each other over time as a means for survival, if we agree that the world is a certain way than we can operate in it together and it helps for our collective survival if we all agree on certain basic things. But the reality is, they are just agreements and if you are aware of them, you can move outside them and become aware of our interconnectedness with everything and that everything is possible. I think this collective agreement, that we get initiated on when we are born and develop and become reasonable adults who know that the world of magic and fantasy is only for children's stories anymore is what people are sensing when they talk about the simulation and the matrix. We sense it's there because we are capable of so much more but we have been trained in this agreement so fully that we can't allow ourselves to see it but we know it's there still on some level and this is how it gets expressed through our imagination - the sense of artificialness of it, etc. So yeah, we have an enemy and it is us, I believe.
  9. Yes, I never tire of hearing Shamanic Dream. I think whatever type of music helps you to move is okay. I tend to like music without words as it's less emotionally engaging and it doesn't distract me. I personally don't use any flute music but that's just me. However, I know a lot of people use this flute music, it's New Age, not Tibetan, I believe it uses Native American flutes but not sure: Coyote Oldman Tear Of The Moon https://youtu.be/HxLRkYrqU7I
  10. Hi Amy, You actually can learn to journey without using drums or rattles. But starting out, it helps to have something to work with. Here are a couple of songs that you might find useful: An oldie but goodie
  11. Yes. That was a major turning point in the tradition. Up until the persecution, the Makers were similar to other traditions at that time; they had ceremonies and tools and weren't hidden. But in order to survive persecution, they realized they needed to drastically alter how the tradition was practiced, they recognized that they needed to find a way to operate without drawing attention to themselves. So, they collaborated and worked to find a new way of working. They eliminated anything that could identify them as shamans and to do that, they learned how to work with energy at its most basic level, before it became something. So they looked at what energy was working in the tools they used, the ceremonies they performed and found where the energy behind it all was and learned how to connect with it without using any tools or having to utter certain words or perform certain movements out of necessity. In addition, they also decided to only pass the knowledge down through family lines for added security. Through these alterations to their practices, they lived lives as farmers, teachers, priests, etc. -really anything - and yet continued to work as shamans. They worked through using Voice, through moving energy directly and through tapping into their connection to the elements among many other things. They worked through all the usual energies but it was couched as teaching or preaching or maybe being an herbal healer, whatever it was safe to be existing in society. And it's been that way until Gary decided it was time to come out of the background and be Makers in the world again.
  12. I checked with Gary (Niteshad), creator of this site and the direct connection through familial lines to the maker tradition. The tradition, until Gary created this site, has been kept under the radar and passed down only through family members. He said that he doesn't think there is a connection to Norse Heathenism but he never really looked that deeply into the origins of the tradition. He said it never really mattered to him, we live now and not in the past. However, I do understand the interest, context can be revealing and helpful at times. It may have been part of the beginning of the tradition but what the tradition evolved into is mostly a result of the pressure of inquisitions and pressure to eliminate the old ways by the church. No offense taken. There is no dogma or holy books for Makers either. It's a formerly oral tradition and the history is written in the energy of the words. As you learn the tradition, more and more unfolds for you, it's really quite an ingenious way to preserve knowledge, in my opinion - no books needed and more information than could ever be contained on pages is there to be tapped into if you know how to look for it. I might go looking for a Norse connection and see what there is but I don't think origins mattered much to the old makers either. And... the makers are shamans, if you look at how we work, it's not a religion with gods. They have never called themselves shamans, only "Makers," but if you look at what is taught and what we do, it fits with shamanism best. I have gotten to just calling us Makers as there are so many preconceptions about what a shaman is.
  13. Some people want to be immortal. At one time, I thought that would have been cool to be able to exist beyond time but am not so sure now, it seems quite lonely. As far as themes in past lives, as far as the cosmology goes, there would always be a somewhat fresh start. Not all of your past lives were village healers and not all of your energy now is a village healer. But maybe one of those past village healers had a very strong intent to persevere into the future or maybe your particular makeup now has a strong village healer intent that seeks to connect with knowledge from the past. That being said, there does seem to be an amalgam effect happening over thousands of years of like attracting like in people's predilections. Over time, people's individual lives - as they pass through death and new configurations are created in a new individual (that has never existed before exactly), you can see that many people feel drawn to be something, an artist, farmer or healer that doesn't match their current lives family background. They often feel like they are a mismatch. It would be an interesting journey to take to try and take in that process of life and re-birth happening over millennia to see if/what human energy is evolving into.
  14. Technically, it was the region of Gaul, which I think overlaps parts for France and Germany? It's definitely possible there was some influence at some point as it is an old tradition. The 'modern' form of it happened around 600 years ago, roughly. I'm not sure about Ginnungagap being the energy pool, from the description I read, it sounds more like what we would call the abyss. The energy pool is basically the human mold, each species has a mold and an energy pool where individuals return to. And yes, DNA does create a thread through all of it as parents DNA/energy gets transferred to children but other energy comes in as well.
  15. The Maker cosmology does include reincarnation but it's different than what most people think of. Basically, when you die, your energy will return to the human energy pool but you won't maintain your complete self; your energy will come unbound and dissipate into 'threads.' These threads that were once you will meld with all the other threads of people in the human energy pool This pool is where new life comes from. There is no 'design' or lessons that need to be learned, etc. similar to other reincarnation cosmologies. Think of a big ladle, dipping into the pool of threads, all mixing together and pulling out the energy of a human that is being born. It's a bit of a crap shoot for what threads you get although you can often get larger chunks of former people's energy. If you find yourself drawn to a particular era in history or culture for now rational reason, it could be that you have threads from someone from that time mixed in your total energy. Now, some shamans have found ways to keep their energy fully intact when they enter the pool and will be born again, maintaining their energetic makeup but that's rare and not easy to accomplish. I would say that is true for Makers as well, although we might call it getting beyond ego and mind. What is the Norse Heathen view on reincarnation?
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