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  1. @kim Unfortunately, I don't know if Northi did or not, we have not heard back from them yet.
  2. Hi Lunarat, Welcome! As Alex has said, we do have our own healing group here that has been trained in the maker healing method. But you are welcome to post any questions or respond to any of the topics that you would like. We are also starting up a new class session in the next week or so, if you are interested in learning more about our tradition. Lorrie
  3. Yes - almost. When you realize you are in the dream, instead of engaging in the narrative, use the breath and head turning to recover the energy, the emotional energy in the dream. Let's say the emotion is shame. Focus on the triggering event and 'inhale' the energy of that, the shame or whatever emotion or mixture of emotions are there. Inhale it as you turn your head to the left and then pause and exhale all that out with the intention of recovering 'what is yours and releasing anything that is not yours.' Repeat that until the memory has no emotional pull to it. "I would say that the experience of the drama brings my focus to this narrative and without it I wouldn't know what to focus on. I didn't clarify in my first post that the intention to go into the nature of my relationship with my mother wasn't my intention for the meditation I did. My intention was to heal myself of depression. Then this experience came up in my dreaming." Right, this is what can happen when you intend to self-heal, your energy starts to show you all the ways, all the threads that are connected to that intent to heal. Your task as a recapper, whether in dreaming or on the awake side, is to track down all those threads and start recovering the energy of what shows up for you because somehow, it's connected although it may not be obvious at first. So, it looks like there may be a connection with your depression and your relationship with your mother. If you recover the energy from the experiences with your mother, other things will probably show up in your continued intent to work on depression. It can get quite complex and tanglds but you can get through it all and recover everything connected with your depression. The beautiful thing about this practice is that once you recover all of the connections, it will truly be healed and should not return. (Although learned patterns from depression can try to reassert themselves but that's another thing and is easier to deal with).
  4. Hi Tipt, Yes you can recap in dreaming and in fact, it's usually very effective if you can mange it because a lot of our repressed emotions and memories are stored on the dreaming side, this is where the go. I like what you are doing with the meditation ceremony with intention, the only thing I would change is that as you are focusing on the experiences, instead of exploring the drama, use the breath and head turning movement of the basic recap exercise to take out the emotional energy from those memories, repeat the process until they are 'just' memories. You will definitely know when you've accomplished this because when you recall them, they won't have the same pull that they always have and you will find your life adjusting accordingly. With regards to the makers recapping in dreaming, the process is actually the basic exercise (or other ones learned here) that are done while you are asleep and dreaming. It requires you to realize you are dreaming and have the awareness to start the recap process within a sleep dream. So, it's a little tricky to manage sometimes and there are other ways to get at the emotions in memories but it can be very effective because you are working with the place where they have been stored.
  5. Um, AbusedBella, you say you've done your research on this, how did you research? Google doesn't count!
  6. Yes exactly, rare in the sense that everything is possible but it's probably not likely, it could happen but that would be a very unusual event involving a very rarely encountered entity and you would probably 'know' if that happened. As far as re-inserting the piece and reintegration, actually, the act of retrieving it would amount to reintegration. It's 'simply' a matter of acknowledging that it's your energy and you have a right to it, no one or no entity or anything else does - no matter what they might tell you. We don't have public exercise for retrieving the energy but we are about to start two classes that might help if you wanted to go more in depth on the process - Spirals - which deals with how to handle your own intent and retrieve unwanted intents and Recapitulation - which deals with recovering energy from the past. We have the basic Recapitulation exercise on the site here: https://www.shamanscave.com/self-healing/the-recapitulation which you can use to recover energy from memories and emotions connected with losing the energy. The class takes this basic exercise and builds on a number of different ways to energy stuck in your past. So, the biggest questions for you is why did you allow this and what circumstances were involved in creating this situation. This all can be recovered and reintegrated to make your energy more balanced and therefore much less likely to happen again.
  7. Hi Doograham, I'm not familiar with galactic core or perhaps know it by another name, human pool comes to mind. I do know that your energy is rarely, if ever gone forever in this life. Also, negative energies generally can't take your energy without some agreement from you. The good news is that you can intend to take your energy back, how easy that is can depend upon a number of things - the willingness to face your role in giving it away, your acceptance that no one has a right to your energy, it is yours to take back and how much of 'you' you gave away.
  8. Hi Northi, Welcome! If you’d like, feel free to pm me and I’d be happy to help answer the best I can with your questions. While their isn’t an entity that grants wishes that would change your physical appearance ‘like magic,’ there are energies you can work with that can change how you are perceived in the world. To be effective with them long term requires work, mostly on yourself through self healing but it can be done if you are determined enough. Lorrie
  9. "Living Between Worlds" is being offered this session.  I have not seen this class listed in the classes for Tier 4.  Is this a new class or another name for "Mover Of Energy" class?

  10. Please join niteshad/Gary for an informal discussion on depression. We will be talking about any type of depression that people want to. There is a type of depression that can come with following this path and we will be talking about that too. The chat will be in the public channel: #shamanscave. https://www.shamanscave.com/irc/irc.html You can use the above link to join the chat. We hope to see you there, Lorrie
  11. Please join us for an evening chat with Niteshad, the creator of ShamansCave. You can reach the chat here in the shamanscave chat channel: https://www.shamanscave.com/irc/irc.html We've set the chat for Wednesday February 6th at 9:00 PM ET. All questions regarding shamanism and/or ShamansCave or the maker tradition are welcome. All levels of knowledge are welcome, no question is too basic. The chat is intended for: *Anyone curious about shamanism and would like your questions answered *Practitioners of other shamanic traditions that would like to know more about the maker tradition *Current students of Shamanscave who have questions outside of classes We look forward to seeing you there, ShamansCave Admin.
  12. Sorry, no, we don’t work with spirit animals nor guides in the context they’ve become to be known in recent times. We tend to work with energy in a more direct manner. Lorrie
  13. Hello Naeranira, I personally don't feel that you are possessed but that decision will need to come from you ultimately, of course. Possessions by entities do occur but I don't think it's as common as many people think. The main reason people get possessed is really that they 'allow' themselves to get hooked emotionally with something that draws energy off an emotion that is prevalent in their energy, usually it's fear or anger but it could be grief as well. By people holding on to these emotions, from past experiences that are now embedded into their energy, they create openings for other things that feed off of those emotions to set hooks into them. But we can drain our own energy in a similar fashion, just by keeping the past alive inside us, which we all do. The simple but not easy or quick solution is to remove the hooks and openings where you are susceptible. So how do you go about removing that susceptibility, how do you reach a place of detachment where you are no longer drained by the events and emotions of your past or susceptible to triggers from outside sources? It's a self-healing process that takes time. Our whole first tier here is designed to help people self-heal to a point where they feel in control of their energy, they understand why they are the way they are and how their life events and cultural patterns brought them to their current situation. That takes time but you can start bringing relief right now by working with the recapitulation exercise posted below. I would also recommend taking Recapitulation I, if you can. It is a beginner class and you would get support here from us directly as you go through the process. The Recapitulation process is the first step in self-healing as it is about recovering energy tied up in your past memories and experiences, you will need this energy to be recovered in order to move on to higher levels of training in this tradition but in and of itself, if you go no further, the recapitulation will bring you back to a place of balance. It can bring you to a place where you have the clarity to see the path to create the life you want to live. It won't be easy, it won't be fast, but it truly works if you put the effort in and the work you do will create lasting, permanent, positive change. We recently started the Recapitulation I class, I can check if you would like to join in late, I think they have had two classes out of eight. It's not too late to join but after this week, it would be best to wait until the next session sometime probably end of May, beginning of June. (the class costs $75). The next class is tomorrow night - Saturday, April 14th at 10PM ET). Regardless, the exercise below will take you a long ways by itself, it is the first exercise given in the class. Just let me know if you are interested in joining in, if you put the time and effort in to working with this technique, you will not regret it. Lorrie Link to article on site Theory of Recapitulation The theory of recapitulation is simple. Every interaction you have had with other people in your life has tied up personal energy. Each memory you have requires energy to keep it alive and maintain the emotions you have about the encounter. Over the course of a lifetime, you invest enormous amounts of energy in these things and they drain you, make you miserable, and create behavior in the present predicated on the energies of the past. You will be surprised after doing even a partial recapitulation at how much energy it was taking on a daily basis to keep those things from the past alive in the present. Shamans know, or have seen, that we as human beings do not have an infinite amount of personal energy. We need every little scrap available to us in order to live life effectively or for shamans, to accomplish the tasks that they feel lie before them. Modern psychologists try to do much the same thing as the recapitulation for their patients. On an energetic level, the changes in individuals are quite profound, even for those who practice it purely for reasons of self-healing. You will be surprised after doing even a partial recapitulation at how much energy it was taking on a daily basis to keep those things from the past alive in the present. Recapitulation Exercise The physical process is simple and is as follows: You can make a list - of people, experiences, life events - and follow it, not a bad idea actually, or pick a time period of your life that you are going to recap. The technique is very simple. Begin by arranging some time that you won't likely be disturbed. You will need a space that compresses your energy. A closet would do, or even putting a heavy blanket over you will work as well. Quiet your mind and relax, setting the intent to retrieve your energy trapped in your past. Bring up a specific memory or event. Get it pictured right in front of your face in as much detail as possible. (Colors, sounds, smells, people involved, etc.) Turn your head to the left and exhale, then slowly turn your head from left to right drawing in the energy of the scene in front of you with your breath (inhale). When your head is completely to the right again, turn slowly back to the left exhaling the foreign energy (that which is not yours) that exists from the scene. Keep sweeping the scene until you feel 'done' with it. Go on to the next event on your list, or that comes to mind, and keep doing this until you have worked through each one. Be aware of what you are doing and stay focused. If you're just starting the recap, I would suggest fifteen to twenty minutes a day just to start out, give it two weeks, then take stock of where you are. When you are finished the first time you may feel a little lightheaded, that's normal. It means something is changing. If the memories you are working with are especially painful or traumatic, it may take a number of recapitulations to completely suck the energy back out of them. You will know it is working when you recall one of the memories and find that the emotions it was evoking in you have lessened, or even completely disappeared. Sometimes you may look at them and feel like they aren't even your memories - they seem as though they happened to someone else. This is a start; you may want eventually to do a complete recapitulation. Shamans are never done recapitulating; it is done over and over through a lifetime. There are other techniques that can be added to this, but this is the core of recalling personal energy to yourself from the past. The other methods seem too theatrical to me, too much symbolism to be immediately useful. It may seem silly at first, but if you keep it up it will make a major change in you, give you more clarity and change the perspective from which you make decisions now in your life. Now, you may ask, 'Why the recap and not (fill in practice of your choice)?' The reason the recap works when many other things only appear to work is twofold. One, it is a real physical/energetic connection in your energy - it is a physical act through your energy, and because of that it involves you completely in the process. Two, the recapitulation demands that you work at the process of first, self healing and then movement beyond healing into the shamanic. You can't just say you recap and expect everything to be 'all wonderful and stuff'. You can't just say, "I forgive X for dumping crap in my life," and expect it to work either; there must be a physical and energetic breaking of those connections. This is real, not illusory in terms of changes. It may seem silly at first, but if you keep it up it will make a major change in you, give you more clarity and change the perspective from which you make decisions now in your life. Let me add a couple of things here. The recap is real, but unlike other methods I have seen, even some claiming to be recapitulation, this process ends in nothing less than a transformation of the individual practicing it. Don't take it lightly. If you like your life just the way it is, don't start the recap. One of the things that bother me about other approaches is that they go nowhere. People use the techniques, but no change or progress is made. I think that is attributable to a single reason. No one ever talks about the patterns created through connections, or how the ghosts of those connections remain in your energy like the grooves on a record and they will try to re-exert themselves again if you don't erase them. As you recap, you will find that to be the case over and over again - circumstances will seem to conspire to get you back into a pattern, which you have recently been recapping. The difference comes in recognition and the ability to be detached from the pattern enough not to repeat it. But the ways in which this occurs, the re-exertion can at the least, be entertaining.
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