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  1. Thank you peastacey!! many blessings to you!!
  2. Hello everyone! This experience happened to me last year during the pandemic, and it was one of the most wonderful experiences Out of Body I ever had. This Out of Body experience happened in the afternoon. I laid down and tuned out all of the noises around me, and I closed my eyes and began to meditate while I was in bed. I slowly began to ease and did not make any movements. All of a sudden, I start to see with my Third Eye the ceiling above me with two random light bulbs, and slowly I feel myself floating above towards the ceiling. Now, I don't remember if I saw my body laying do
  3. Hello Strange!!! I am not a Shaman either I have no specific titles but in my perspective, Shamanism is also a way to communicate with your Power Animal, and reach within you to access The Universe as I have. Also, it is a way to be humble, and have tremendous amount of patience. I hope that helped a bit, but even Norse Shamanism can be found. Many blessings!! and I send my highest Energy Vibes to you. Have a great Journey
  4. Hello everyone, and welcome. I am new here and I may not be a Shaman perse, but I am familiar with what is Shamanism. I find Shamanism quite wonderful, but I consider myself Universal. Meaning, that I am One with The Universe as I know many of you are. Therefore since I am One with The Universe, I have no specific title, but I find Shamans to have great wisdom. I hope that one day you all would like to share your amazing Wisdom, as I know I would share mine. Have wonderful blessings!! and hope to engage with you all soon. I send my Highest Energy Vibe to this forum and the Shamans here. Thank
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