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  1. yeah on this site, it doesn't give you notifications for if you've been replied to or not, or if there are new posts in a thread
  2. Thanks, I just want to clarify I have zero prior understanding of shamanism. So a lot of the lingo is lost to me but I'll keep looking. Is there any way to see notifications on this site?
  3. I've already looked at another thread of a new guy, which had links mentioned to two pages on the contemporary shaman which I have read. But I guess this is more just a formal introduction, I've passed through the dark night of the soul, my state is non dual and unfortunately in the process have lost all sense of time and self. Have experimented with a few drugs only to simply stave off suicidal tendencies but not actually for any spiritual reasons. The life, the élan, of my existence is gone entirely. I'm in dire straits but not looking for, nor certainly expecting a quick fix. More so just guidance, I plead to be guided to some information on the subject, and practices of shamanism that one could regularly engage in. My consciousness is quite stunned, and though I could certainly put more effort into meditation I'm uncertain if my set of conditions would bring any results. I have PTSD, depersonalisation, depression and anxiety. DP and PTSD being the two most dominant disorders. I've lost most connections to my memories and emotions. I'm just looking for a new path, I have walked down a startlingly treacherous road of inquiry for too long. It's time for a change. I hope everyone is granted the patience, strength and diligence to fight off their individual troubles or afflictions. Have a good day.
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