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  1. Infinity


    Thank you Lorrie, I have already started doing recapitulation, and I think it will take some time. I can see what has happened as I did give access, in trust. I was naive to say the least and now have to clear up all this mess. A certain part in my brain is also locked. I can say what part has been locked so I stay in flight/fight response that has activated a gene that plays sa role in an autoimmune response that is connected with my family. Again some clarity of what is happening will help as has been traumatic experience for over 2 years, and as crazy as it sounds they trained me to certain stimulus like a Pavlovs dog.
  2. Infinity


    They have made me believe I am a narcissist and try to gaslight u have a mental illness. If I have I will go and ask for help but something tells me I am not. I think they want to harm me but making me have a heart attack or accident and looks like an accident. I think I have become an experiment. I know I have my things to work out and break some deep family patterns amd heal deep wounds but I know they are trying to keep me in fear, survival mode and doubt myself, feel confused of who I am and end up in a place that I don’t want to be.
  3. Infinity


    Hi Lorrie, Thank you I am not sure if you d anything but my back is better. Can we talk, can I talk to someone about eve yet hung? My life is a mess and want to find it all back. I know it sounds like I am crazy but I am being gang harassed and I do t know if it’s my mind, hypnosis or stuff ate actually happening. i know I remember it all. Somehow working with myself all those years, so many things happened that led me to this point. is just crazy all the things that have happened. I think something happened with my ex, that she did all this that it all started from there and I had no idea. I am trying to figure it out and my life is a total disaster right now. hacing nothing, no income can’t find a job cause is something word happening. inrhink I got caught up in a Masonic ritual. I am really not sure. I know someone has messed up with my head really bad and can’t access my power and will. can I have some supper to inderwnd what is going on? Can you guys see in my energy and tell me exactly what is going on? I can give you the names of people, and anything that has happened.
  4. Infinity


    They have also created certain response to sounds. Basically in the period of six months they have trained me like a Pavlovian dog without me being aware. Now this sound specific sounds make me get angry a bit and want to have sex as a release. i can share this whole story extensively, I just need to be safe for now.
  5. Infinity


    Hi all, I am a very old student, some of you may remember me, I am Maria from Greece. I had got myself involved in a bad situation with some people that was unaware at that time as to what was happening. I got involved also with someone in Bdsm that has done something to my brain. I could sense what he was doing and I allowed it for a couple of reasons. A friend of mine she was there also that I would ask her to see what was happening in my brain, what they were doing. I would ask her to tell me what she saw so I don’t create any bias by telling her first. She would say the exact thing I was seeing. She could se that they were putting files in my head. wirh her some kind of energy exchange happened also that I was doing things like she was doing or her family causing some issues. is a complicate story but my brain has become susceptible from all this. As crazy as it sounds is a network of people that I think may be Freemasons or I am in this mkultra program. Again it may sound crazy but I think I have become an experiment , trying to keep me in trauma so I will not be able to use my abilities. another hypothesis that I have is because of this hypnosis my seeing skills became skewed that clouded my perception. Right now I am experiencing pain in my left side and that has been occurred from susceptibility in what some people were saying. if anyone can “see” and give me some feedback of what is happening I would be grateful. I am saved that they want to harm me by causing me physical ailment by passing certain thoughts. I feel like I am a puppet on a string and I am trying to find solutions and a way out of this. Thank you.
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