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  1. People are losing jobs because they are forfeiting energy to a destructive ally.

  2. I want the central focus of my shamanic work to be developing ways to get rid of, and change, allies. As long as they are here, Earth can't heal.

  3. It's my opinion that "allies" are the chief problem of this world, and developing ways to neutralize them will be the center of my work.

  4. Chasing shadows that aren't there.

  5. mmmmm... strawberries

  6. $50,000 question: If I didn't percieve an intent well enough to re-intend it, and retrieved it, how do I re-intend it without knowing exactly how it feels or what it was?

  7. Humans are only able to withstand so much anxiety...

  8. OOPS! Unhooked my big intent. I should write a book called, "So you've unhooked your big intent, now what?"

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