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  1. I have a rather odd request. In my early days of shamanic learning, I was gifted a simple wooden box, obviously hand made, and well seasoned from the elements. Over the years, I have placed in it my tools of the craft. I lovingly call it my spirit box. It has served as an altar at different times when I felt the need to practice the craft. We've been together for close to 19 years now, not counting the year or two that I gifted it to a practicing wiccan. She has converted to fundamental Christianity, and returned the box to me. The box and I have come to the same conclusion that it's time for it to move on to another shamanic practitioner, rather than a wiccan. But this is no easy task. The box will speak to the person that it wants to be with, I feel. So I have turned to this forum for some guidance. For instance, should I leave it's contents within it, or should I remove it, as it bears my work, and gift the box empty, as I found it? If anyone wishes, I can post pictures for you to see it. Looking forward to the discussion. -Joey1058
  2. As an empath, I learned early on that I must tune out or i'll be consumed. Thusly I've been accused often of not paying attention, up to not caring. Obviously not true. I filter daily. I must. Or my thought patterns go to mush and I'm an emo wreck by the end of my day. As for portals? They exist everywhere. The ones we experience are most likely "superhighways". The millions of others are quiet "country roads", that exist like portraits on a wall. Being able to shut one down is a rather unique gift. As an empath, I tend to avoid portals as well. I have at least one in the house I live in currently. Most beings that pass through that I acknowledge, I'll invite to wait in the yard, or return the way that they came.
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