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  1. Thanks R. Are these exercise meant then more for engaging the whole brain as opposed to just the side one operates out of the most? For many traditions I have heard that using the dominate hand is recommended. I am abi. so was looking for a little clalrification.
  2. I find both of these topic very interesting. I would love to hear others opinions and expereinces with both.
  3. Thank you Kai, for your response. I am thankful that I wasn't shuffled off to some doctor, was just allowed to expereince and beleive. Learning has been mostly on my own. I do understand what you mean about a safety net, for any belief outside the norm of instiitutionalized ones were looked upon unfavorably, so just didn't share with many due to that lack of a safety net.
  4. I hope you forgive my enthusiasm in posting, I feel like a kid in a candy store. I was curious about the importance of left side, right side work. Does it make a difference if a person is left handed as opposed to right handed, or what if they are ambidextrous?
  5. Tama


    It is possible yes, to use other implimnets for scrying other then just mirrors, correct?
  6. Thank you Lorrie. Your response hits home for me. I do tend to be an individualist in walking my spiritual path It is more a way of walking in what feels right and what I connect with that concerns me more rather then strict methods and strict tradition. I am open to learning as I feel we should always be expanding. As I have researched some on shamanism there were things that spoke very loudly to me and other things I seemed to have no connection with what so ever. It is so refreshing to have found a place that seems to share my stance. I have wavered on embracing what I felt was a drawing to the shamanstic way for the very reasons listed above. I do feel more freedom now in pursuing it.
  7. What makes a "Maker" ? I do not come from any community that would have a Shamanic influence, at least in this modern time. My ancestors had there ways. How does one who has callings or leanings to shamanic ways validate their path. Not that recognition is what I mean, but over site and guidance validation in the sense? Are there expereinces or encounters that can be looked at as a means of a ruler? I have heard from many places that a shaman is called, that it chooses the person. How does this call happen outside of the traditional practicing communities? Is it possible to be drawn by an ancestor guide, and taught by them?
  8. Tama

    Energy Work

    Thank you Lorrie for your response. I do understand exactly what you have shared. I have felt for sometime that the shamanic approach did have a more specific target. This has helped to confirm what I was already feeling.
  9. I would love to hear some opinions and views on and if there is a difference between Reiki energy work and shamanic energy work. I tend to think there is a difference, not so much that energy is different but how it is implimented and worked with, that is different. It is an eastern form of energy work, yes? I have had this discussion with one who practices Reiki and she believes it is all the same. Thanks so much for your imput.
  10. Hello, I am Tama, I am so glad I have found Shamans Cave. I am happy to find others who see shaman practices and beleifs outside of the strict traditional methods. I look forward to learning more from you all.
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