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  1. I'd like to apologize if I'm being assumptions here and would never want to come across as being intrusive in any form or manner. Having said that, (past life) regressions for some reason are where I excel at. Mostly I like to do this one on one but amongst others have worked very effectively with a woman in Australia where I distuinigish 'travelers' from 'guides' quite proficiently. I also am quite comfortable with hypnosis on i.e. Skype and never ask anything but my own gratitude to the universe in return. We are all Light Workers, Earthkeepers, Rainbow Warriors or whate
  2. Nakojo

    Ancestral curse?

    Fwiw: should anyone feel inclined to contact me beyond the realms of this forum, rather than using LinkedIn, please mail,me @ courage2change@gmail.com
  3. Nakojo

    Ancestral curse?

    Greetings friends, Another small update on progression: Rather than me trying to convey her fears or resentments I've asked her to make a lists of fears and resentments towards her illness and her father. At midnight tomorrow (start of the new year) we'll burn those lists in a fire ritual which I feel is a good way to disempower her hooks. I'll keep you posted as we continue working. Again, many thanks for being. I wish you all the best for the coming year, Love&laughter, Nakojo
  4. Nakojo

    Ancestral curse?

    Thank you so much, I've already experienced a shift. You are (haha, I love how it works) spot on concerning her self image and reliance on her environment for help, too much so in my belief. Earlier today I went shopping for white sage and felt drawn to frankincense. My 'normal' cleansing turned into a party: I was chanting in a more 'festive'/singing manner than I tend to and was dancing around her bedroom (where the influential entity is most prevalent) and for the first time, rather than being somewhat contented with the energy after, this time I was beaming, close to ecstatic
  5. Nakojo

    Ancestral curse?

    Note: I felt compelled to reach out as I'm staying with her (them) now for a few days and yesterday her brother arrived. I immediately felt the entity desired his blood in a ritual but I refuse to venture down that road. I've initially been trained in Africa as a Sangoma and have partaken in blood- and sex-rituals but have chosen not to entertain those options anymore. I since traveled other roads, more in line with the ancient Leiki methods. My spirit guides seem unable or unwilling to intervene/help here and it feels like some test where I need to reinvent myself yet again.
  6. Greetings, I've run into something I've not encountered before which I would very much like to resolve. I've already countered hexes, curses and spells prior to this and consider myself an experienced shaman. I'm now working with someone and after first thinking it was some self-inflicted 'negativity', the more I explore her energies the more certain I am it is an ancestral issue. Definitely within family lines. This entity is quite persistent and will repeatedly try and lash out at me as well whenever I get too close. This varies from physical attacks (I.e. tripping me o
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