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  1. Hi Colin - I feel at least part of the key to answering your question is connected to the girl you met. If you focus on her, does she remind you of someone or something? Why would a piece of your soul attach to her in particular? If she indeed has this part of you (and what you're saying isn't metaphorical), is there a way to get it back from her? It also seems to me that your Kundalini awakening was disrupted and that can easily cause depression - compared to the intense circulation of energy you felt before, your energetic input and output are more restricted. You might consider trying to
  2. Cammie, I feel this way often. I think you're picking up to some degree the collective detachment of the human race - their absorption into technology, vain pursuits of status, etc - but also how the spiritual path in particular is isolating and demands a large amount of self-cultivation and individuation that others rarely reciprocate. A large proportion of thinkers and visionaries have felt very alone, so this doesn't indicate anything negative about you. I used to think I was somehow weak for desiring a high quality of connection with strong, creative, emotionally-developed individuals - t
  3. Ralph - I agree that reading alone isn't very transformative, but I have found that contemplating intricate ideas in addition to tuning my perception and energy in crazy ways through shamanic work has brought me very far in terms of understanding on both an energetic and conceptual level. Perhaps not everyone is made to be a thinker, but I see no reason why the thinking mind can't come along for the journey to other realms and ways of being, so long as it realizes its proper place and is itself transformed, free from the clutches of fear and linear processing. Here's a quote I like: "Intu
  4. I'm having difficulty discerning if everything written about here is true, though I can tell at least a fair deal of it is. Source It's a very long article, so I'm copying some of the more thought-provoking, important and controversial statements below. Bolded statements are from the original text. The form of the article is an interview between "ATS" (a reporter for an occult/conspiracy forum and 32nd degree mason) and "HH" (a "hidden hand" behind the global agenda who belongs to an offworld bloodline). All quotes are from HH. 1. "The One Infinite Creator (or Great Central Sun) steps do
  5. Phoenix, the only shamanic practitioner I can find near you is her. For some reason there are many more in Seattle than in Victoria - at least according to the Internet. If you're willing to travel (or to do distance work), I can give you more suggestions.
  6. Hi Phoenix - I advise you to stop giving your attention to deciphering the identity of these beings, and focusing on the harm they've caused yourself and others. That is what they want, and only gives them power. Try to detach from them - emotionally, mentally, and psychically. The more you form your own perceptions and identity independently of how they have affected you, the less they can interfere. A vampire can be any being who is energetically draining others. It seems from what you say that a healing of the land might be necessary as well as healing on an individual level for everyone
  7. Hi Phoenix, May I suggest you try stating one or both parts of this declaration any time you feel like you are being energetically drained or watched. The alligator to me seems like a reptilian spirit - most likely it is not a guardian. Psychic attacks by reptilians are rather common in this realm. Assess your reaction to these beings when you see them - if you instinctively feel fear, they are most likely negative entities and trying to drain you through these emotions. If they're positive/helpful spirits, you will most likely feel a sense of love/being understood/protected in their presenc
  8. Something I found that's powerful and important to say. Most people on this plane are being interfered with to various degrees by forces they are not aware of - that are either consciously or unconsciously detrimental toward their development. You should not be fearful of these; but rather, firmly, explicitly and confidently assert your right to your own energy, power and free will. http://www.sovereignki.com/declaration-of-non-consent
  9. "All beings are of the light. You have many guides working with you for your ascension." http://in5d.com/inner-earth-dracos-and-the-false-light-campaign/ "All humans are equal. Each contains a spark of divinity." http://humansarefree.com/2016/12/organic-portals-race-of-soulless-humans.html "Mother Earth is a benevolent force." http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/historia_humanidad72.htm "You create your own reality." http://montalk.net/matrix/128/the-trap-of-combative-dualism http://montalk.net/metaphys/68/true-reality-creation-part-i
  10. I have been scouring the Internet for qualified shamans in regards to what I need, and haven't found much. Most who have websites adhere to the New Age mentality, Core shamanism, or one or another unhelpful doctrine. I am looking for someone who can help me heal the past lives I can't yet see and are partly responsible for my issues, work with ancestors whose trauma is affecting my clarity of perception, cut contracts with beings I've unconsciously formed, etc. I know that the Maker tradition prefers to focus on self-empowerment over getting help from others, but at this point in my develop
  11. It is becoming increasingly obvious to me that the reason humans are so predisposed to shame is intentional - both encoded within our genetic material and reinforced cultural, over time. Shame about our sexuality and desires has been instilled into us to keep us from knowing who we are. It is not just education and culture that should be blamed, but religion and faux spirituality as well - how often do we hear that what is base must be transcended for what is higher, or that individual attributes must be renounced to gain a deeper connection to the whole? Renoucing our nature as ph
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