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Energy protection looking for help


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I am wondering if anyone can help me here. I have a neighbor who moved into the building next to mine sometimes in spring last year. He seems to be constantly at home (so am I) and our balconies are very close. 
He is always outside the building smoking or on the balcony smoking and often speaking on the telephone. I attempted to ignore him at first but I often keep my windows open and the cigarette smoke would come in and then I would know he is outside. I also often hear him speaking on the phone. In short I am starting to feel like a live with this guy. He also at some point started collecting the alcoholics in the neighborhood who then sometimes would smoke outside with him. This never happened before he moved in. This is a quiet neighborhood, and though there are all kinds of people living here, people are very private and do not generally hang out outside the buildings. This seems to made him feel like he is the only one in the whole street and treat the street and building practically as his own private property. He is carrying some very bad energy. 
Ever since he moved in my mood has been awful, I am feeling stressed all the time and cannot relax. My mind is in a perpetual state of fog. I want to move but I am incapable of even organizing myself to do so because I feel perpetually blocked.
I attempted to ignore him as much as possible and not give him any importance but the real problem I realized was energetic because I realized that even if I don’t see him or think about him I feel bad. I realized this because he left for about a month in August and again this month he was gone for a few days and both these times my mood and wellbeing completely shifted to normal although it took me some days to realize he was gone. And once he came back, though I haven’t noticed or seen him right away my mood again became horrible and my mind extremely disturbed. I woke up from one day feeling great the next day feeling horrible and couldn’t figure out why until I realized he returned. I can sense his presence and that disturbs me.  My mind has been in a perpetual state of fog, I feel like I am constantly energetically blocked and I don’t know how to protect myself or get him to back off. The whole point of moving and staying here for me was so that I can be private and quiet. I am a meditator so I am more sensitive to these things. I feel like having him near is draining my energy and it’s making it difficult to properly focus on anything. It’s driving me crazy. I stay alone and have no one here to help me. I know he feels completely unthreatened by anything. If anyone can tell me what can I do in this situation, or offer some perspective I would appreciate it. 

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Hi Sylvy, 

I sympathize with your situation, we all want to feel comfortable and safe when we’re at home, so my following perspective is based on the assumption that you don’t actually feel threatened by this individual, and that he just has some baggage. Obviously don’t ignore your gut instincts if something is seriously off.  Moving is *always* an option. :) 

Otherwise, it sounds to me like you’re an empath and are unintentionally picking up on this dude’s stuff. A lot of empaths don’t know how to *not* do that. We feel like it’s expected of us, that it’s our role in the universe but that is really not the case. In some ways dealing with this not only requires you to become very clear on what belongs to you and what belongs to your neighbor, but also why you agree to let his energy affect you in the first place. Why aren’t you the one affecting his energy? You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re being backed into a corner energetically just because this guy lives next door.

To no small extent this world really wants us to feel powerless. You don’t have to agree to that. Without knowing much of anything about you or your neighbour the only real advice I can give is to remember you’re not powerless in this situation, and whatever you need to do to feel better is not only possible but probable as long as you’re willing to take action. That could mean a variety of things such as self-healing to understand why this person bothers you so much (besides the obvious), learning how not to let his energy affect you or let it into your home, or even by just moving homes. Finding appropriate intents for this situation is a good starting point, like “I intend to deflect his energy” and then finding the power behind that intent and moving to where it works. Sometimes when I find myself in overwhelming situations where a lot of people are present (like crowded malls or shopping centers) I’ll put up an energetic mirror to deflect the energy around me. Not really ideal to do all the time, but it’s somewhere to start and might give you some space and clarity to see what is going on. 

Again, as long as there isn’t an actual threat present, you can approach this as a learning opportunity to harness your sensitivity to be a tool to use when you want instead of letting it control how you feel. 



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