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  1. I know what you mean! I just mentioned it cause I'm always looking out for our fellow creatures, or I try at least.
  2. While not always avoidable (hitting a creature on the rd) if I’m travelling at a time I know there is going to be a lot of animal activity, or if it seems like there are lots of animals popping out into the road, I use my intent/will to create a different outcome ...like *not* hitting them, or “clearing the way”. We get a lot of birds hanging around the rd in the mornings and they usually do these kamikaze moves, and I got really tired of stomping on my brakes all the time, so I tried using my intent instead, and it tends to work.
  3. Hi Dreamer123, I would say if you really want to be proficient at dreaming the place to start is with the recapitulation practice. Recapping your sexual history is immensely beneficial for reclaiming your energy as well as understanding yourself better. For me, personally, recapping was/is the cornerstone to my dreaming, where I could dream more powerfully, and if you think about it, it makes sense. Once you start getting your energy back, whether it’s tied up in sexual encounters, emotional patterns, or habits, etc. you can then use it to explore different realms of perception.
  4. I think when you look at the physiological aspect of sleep and what purpose it serves you will see that it basically helps repair the physical body. For instance REM sleep has been linked to cleaning out the “plaque” in the brain leading to better cognitive functioning. I’ve heard/read that deep mediation puts brain activity into the same state as REM so that is probably why if you’re mediating for a few hours a day you may need less sleep. Taking care of your physical body by eating well, not drinking alcohol, exercising, etc..as well as taking care of your mental and emotional state all pro
  5. Hey Brandon, Like Alex said there are practices within this tradition that deal specifically with the dreaming body/dreaming energy, and working with them can definitely change your sleeping patterns or the way you dream. How much energy you expend on any of these shamanic practices can also affect your overall energy, sometimes it can be energizing sometimes it can be draining. Recapitulation can oftentimes help resolve disruptive sleeping patterns like insomnia, nightmares, or recurring dreams. In general my sleeping patterns still fluctuate depending on what I’m working on from
  6. Hi TonyaJo, I would encourage you to find your own meaning in the energy of your experience. It’s really easy nowadays to find information on the internet (about pretty much anything!) but i think that it can short-change us and our potential to draw from our own innate knowing. -cammie
  7. Hi Sphinxy, thanks for your thoughtful reply. Yes - all of what you said rings true. Luckily I do know a few individuals who I'm closely connected to that are, in many ways, walking a similar path. Its good to be in good company! I found Pema Chodron's article fascinating because it had an interesting take on loneliness; as something that really can't be avoided, though it seems like many people do everything they can to do so! It seems to be a fundamental truth about our existence but one that is rarely acknowledged (except maybe near death). I actually find the feeling beautiful and sad an
  8. Hi all, in my recapping I've been coming across some pretty raw emotions which has left me feeling a bit lonely. Perhaps it's something from my past that is still yet unresolved and continues to need the layers peeled off, but I also feel this healing path to be a bit lonely as well. I came across this article by the Buddhist nun Pema Chodron and felt it had a lot of merit from a "shamanistic" perspective. Here's a quick snipet and the full link below, "In the middle way, there is no reference point. The mind with no reference point does not resolve itself, does not fixate or grasp. How
  9. Mandy, yes, there is limitation in defining something as "X" or "Y", when ultimately, as you said "energy is energy". I love drawing parallels between teachings from different backgrounds but see the shortcomings of thinking of concepts in concrete terms...after all experience is a world apart from thinking. It seems then, that pizza should really be called yummy yummy triangle slice. And ice cream: clouds of bliss.
  10. So, this question/comment has been burning a hole in my pocket for weeks! And I just have to wonder (and maybe never get an answer to ) why the Maker tradition is so closely related, at least in language, to ancient Toltec traditions as outlined not just by Carlos Castaneda, but also Ken Eagle Feather, Don Miguel Ruiz, etc.... "Intent", "personal power", "recapitulation", are words I've only heard of - until recently - in reference to the ancient mexican/toltec tradition. It got me thinking about what we *think* we know about our world history and it makes me wonder about ancient mystery
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