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Where can I begin?


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Hello Dreamz,

You are in the right place, there are many mentors here, lots of people who are seeking freedom to live a life of their own choosing. We teach the maker tradition here, which has lived apart but 'in' society for hundreds of years. Below are a couple links that show the current beginner classes being offered this coming session. The best part is that you don't need to travel, you can do this remotely. If you have any questions about them, let me know.



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Travel to India or Asia in general. Maybe South America too. You will find that anywhere but in the “West“ people live much more heart-connected lives and aren’t as obsessed with the material as in the West. You will most likely  find mentors and communities there, or at least just a sense of general relief. 


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My personal experience is this, and take it as you will:

When I was in Basic Training, we had time every Sunday to attend whatever church we wanted.  There at MCRD San Diego (The West-Coast training camp for Marines), We had a large Christian church, a Jewish Temple, and then for us Pagans we had the sand pit in the PT course.  There were only a few of us that gathered there, but as I knew I didn't align with the mainstream religions, I always aligned with Paganism.

Forgive my broad generalizations of mainstream religions, but I joined the 20 or so other recruits in the sand pit, in a circle.  The point is that the Marine that led the circle was a Norse Pagan.  His words swayed me.  After much independent research I realized that that's where my ancestry came from and that that's why I identified with him.  He gave me a book to study.  That was 20 something years ago.

The point is that I found it by not fitting in anywhere else until I realized why how and why.  I just found it, and that's the short story of it.  Read some interesting books, research your family, and then you will.

I don't live within modern society.  I live out in the desert alone and only leave my house once a day to buy cigarettes or something - not that that's an example, but once I knew what my calling was I forsook modern society.  Although my ancestors practiced Shamanism as part or our core beliefs, there was one book that mainly shifted me to this awareness, and I found it by chance.  When you're ready to find something, you'll find it.  For me it was the book 'Dreamtime and Inner Space: The World of the Shaman', which is mostly an anthropological book.

I hope that helps.  If not, contact me.


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