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  1. Hi Bluerat, We don't do soul retrieval healings per se, we have a different way of working with that type of healing. However, I think you might benefit from doing some grounding work on yourself. The easiest way to do this is to literally connect with the earth, sit on the ground beneath a tree or somewhere. If that isn't an option and you have access to rocks outside, find some that feel agreeable with you and bring them home, sit with them, ask them to help ground you. You can also try eating some root vegetables - carrots, potatoes, etc. as they can have a grounding effect. I wo
  2. Hi Hummingbird, Welcome! I love your user name. You can change your profile picture by going to your account drop down arrow and choose Profile and then just click on the photo button and you should be able to upload an image.
  3. Sure, let us know if it works.
  4. @kim Unfortunately, I don't know if Northi did or not, we have not heard back from them yet.
  5. Hi Lunarat, Welcome! As Alex has said, we do have our own healing group here that has been trained in the maker healing method. But you are welcome to post any questions or respond to any of the topics that you would like. We are also starting up a new class session in the next week or so, if you are interested in learning more about our tradition. Lorrie
  6. Yes - almost. When you realize you are in the dream, instead of engaging in the narrative, use the breath and head turning to recover the energy, the emotional energy in the dream. Let's say the emotion is shame. Focus on the triggering event and 'inhale' the energy of that, the shame or whatever emotion or mixture of emotions are there. Inhale it as you turn your head to the left and then pause and exhale all that out with the intention of recovering 'what is yours and releasing anything that is not yours.' Repeat that until the memory has no emotional pull to it. "I would say tha
  7. Hi Tipt, Yes you can recap in dreaming and in fact, it's usually very effective if you can mange it because a lot of our repressed emotions and memories are stored on the dreaming side, this is where the go. I like what you are doing with the meditation ceremony with intention, the only thing I would change is that as you are focusing on the experiences, instead of exploring the drama, use the breath and head turning movement of the basic recap exercise to take out the emotional energy from those memories, repeat the process until they are 'just' memories. You will definitely know wh
  8. Um, AbusedBella, you say you've done your research on this, how did you research? Google doesn't count!
  9. Yes exactly, rare in the sense that everything is possible but it's probably not likely, it could happen but that would be a very unusual event involving a very rarely encountered entity and you would probably 'know' if that happened. As far as re-inserting the piece and reintegration, actually, the act of retrieving it would amount to reintegration. It's 'simply' a matter of acknowledging that it's your energy and you have a right to it, no one or no entity or anything else does - no matter what they might tell you. We don't have public exercise for retrieving the energy but we are about to
  10. Hi Doograham, I'm not familiar with galactic core or perhaps know it by another name, human pool comes to mind. I do know that your energy is rarely, if ever gone forever in this life. Also, negative energies generally can't take your energy without some agreement from you. The good news is that you can intend to take your energy back, how easy that is can depend upon a number of things - the willingness to face your role in giving it away, your acceptance that no one has a right to your energy, it is yours to take back and how much of 'you' you gave away.
  11. Hi Northi, Welcome! If you’d like, feel free to pm me and I’d be happy to help answer the best I can with your questions. While their isn’t an entity that grants wishes that would change your physical appearance ‘like magic,’ there are energies you can work with that can change how you are perceived in the world. To be effective with them long term requires work, mostly on yourself through self healing but it can be done if you are determined enough. Lorrie
  12. Please join niteshad/Gary for an informal discussion on depression. We will be talking about any type of depression that people want to. There is a type of depression that can come with following this path and we will be talking about that too. The chat will be in the public channel: #shamanscave. https://www.shamanscave.com/irc/irc.html You can use the above link to join the chat. We hope to see you there, Lorrie
  13. Please join us for an evening chat with Niteshad, the creator of ShamansCave. You can reach the chat here in the shamanscave chat channel: https://www.shamanscave.com/irc/irc.html We've set the chat for Wednesday February 6th at 9:00 PM ET. All questions regarding shamanism and/or ShamansCave or the maker tradition are welcome. All levels of knowledge are welcome, no question is too basic. The chat is intended for: *Anyone curious about shamanism and would like your questions answered *Practitioners of other shamanic traditions that would like to know more about the maker tradition *Cu
  14. Sorry, no, we don’t work with spirit animals nor guides in the context they’ve become to be known in recent times. We tend to work with energy in a more direct manner. Lorrie
  15. Hello Naeranira, I personally don't feel that you are possessed but that decision will need to come from you ultimately, of course. Possessions by entities do occur but I don't think it's as common as many people think. The main reason people get possessed is really that they 'allow' themselves to get hooked emotionally with something that draws energy off an emotion that is prevalent in their energy, usually it's fear or anger but it could be grief as well. By people holding on to these emotions, from past experiences that are now embedded into their energy, they create openings for othe
  16. Just a reminder: the discussion is tonight. I hope you’ll join us there. https://www.shamanscave.com/irc/irc.html Lorrie
  17. ShamansCave is pleased to announce our 53rd class session. Beginning classes include: RECAPITULATION - The Path of Self Healing (8 weeks) For those wishing to walk a shamanic path, self-healing is the first and most important part of that path. Self-healing is the long journey within, but it begins with a single step. Nobody can walk that path for you, but there is knowledge and practices for seekers who want to move beyond the chains of the past. One of those practices is the recapitulation - a fundamental exercise to retrieve our energy trapped in the past and to release outside en
  18. Hello all, The public Q&A has been rescheduled to next Wednesday, same time, 9:00 PM. You can join the chat here: https://www.shamanscave.com/irc/irc.html Hope to see you there, Lorrie
  19. Hi Wolfqueen, I would say that it's best to trust your own intuition on these types of things. Listen to your own feelings on this and don't rely on outside sources to define you. So, if you feel you are a wolf or connect with wolves, then accept that as true and then try and explore what that means for you. How does your 'wolfness' affect how you move in the world? When did it start? Has it always been there? Following and exploring these connections can teach you a lot about yourself. Lorrie
  20. Hi Scott, I am not familiar with this retreat. Sorry to not be of more help. Lorrie
  21. Hi Anthony, First of all, no one has a right to your energy except you and you can reclaim it. You are welcome to take our Recapitulation class which will be offered in January ( the starting date will be pushed out a week or so from what it currently states). https://www.shamanscave.com/classes/online-classes/beginner-class-recap-1-detail. This class is all about reclaiming lost energy and how to prevent future loss. If you don't want to do that or want to start right away, I would suggest making a list of all the people, places, events that is draining your energy that you can
  22. Hello Hashim, The simple answer to your question is yes, you can recover your energy. Your energy is yours alone and no one else has a right to it. And I won't tell you that they can't steal but I will say that they can't steal without your agreement on some level. I don't do conventional soul retrievals. Personally I would use the Recapitulation Exercise found through the link or below. You can use your missing pieces to connect to the memories around them and what has happened to them, treat them as if they were memories and take your energy back. Good luck, Lorrie Recapi
  23. Hi again Discokat, My answer to your question here is similar to your dreaming one. You clearly have something going on with the configuration of your energy that's been confirmed by different people on a number of occasions. But the meaning of what the flashing black and white means in your energy can only be answered by the guy who told you that because I'm betting that what he saw was a metaphor of what he 'saw' in your energy and that metaphor, although it could be very insightful if decoded, is determined by his personal history and makeup. So do you see where I'm going with this? I
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