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Learning to Journey

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I follow the path of the Buddha and have been interested in the shamanic journey for some time. I am schizophrenic as well and possess an aversion to the sounds of drumming and rattling. I am wondering if there is another sort of instrument which I might adhere to while journeying, such as the Tibetan flute. Shaman's Market has a number of CDs which sound interesting.

Thank you.


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Hi Amy,

You actually can learn to journey without using drums or rattles. But starting out, it helps to have something to work with. Here are a couple of songs that you might find useful:



An oldie but goodie



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On 7/19/2022 at 7:33 PM, Amy Hellmont said:

Thanks. I love the one by Anugama in particular. What do you think of the Tibetan flute?


Yes, I never tire of hearing Shamanic Dream. I think whatever type of music helps you to move is okay. I tend to like music without words as it's less emotionally engaging and it doesn't distract me. I personally don't use any flute music but that's just me. However, I know a lot of people use this flute music, it's New Age, not Tibetan, I believe it uses Native American flutes but not sure:

Coyote Oldman Tear Of The Moon


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