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Looking at the path intent takes is often fascinating, for example I am wondering if we would have any shootings if the 49ers had won the superbowl, probably not for what I can see. Would that be a good reason for them to win instead of the chiefs? Could be imo, and it's not a sport's reason. Everything is so interconnected all the time. We have to really look at the big picture. 

Yesterday before riding my bike to work I saw an issue with it, I had a flat tire the night before but the tire was fine that morning holding air well so I decided to give it a go but created an intent to get to work safely and on time.

Then half way down the path I hit Valencia st. right before 16th and I get a flat, probably the same issue than the night before, I get my small pump put some air in the tire, it works but I can't get enough pressure, I am thinking it's the valve.

So I walk the rest of the may manage to get to work on time. I talk about this with G at work and she mentioned a good bicycle shop on Valencia st. "Luckily" I get cancellations so now I have an hour and a half free. I get my bike there it was just a 5' walk. They do work first come first served not appointment, perfect!

The guy I talk to diagnosed it the same, valve issue so we decide to change the tube. I wait 15' thinking it's done but he said my brakes needed adjustments. Do it as soon as possible. I am thinking "oh there is the real outcome..." I changed the pads but did not adjust the brakes properly a couple weeks ago. I told him to keep the bike until 5pm and do the adjustment. 

Now I have a very safe bike, the adjustment is perfect, much better than what I would have done. Intent often follows a bumpy road but it's never boring :) , it's a great family bicycle shop too I am happy I found it.



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