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  1. Hi Richard, Thank you for your question in a sense it is quite fundamental, as its core a balanced shamanic tradition is concerned with healing, the healing of the self and then the healing of the world. It’s a bit like eating food, we have to first find the food that works for our constitution so we can heal from the inside out but then only when we have done that can we truly experience the joy of eating because we have freed ourselves of attachments to food that were toxic to us in the first place, so that food falls away and you become someone different more in line with who you reall
  2. Well Beth said it best, ultimately we are just energy, the makers erase everything, past, culture, blood, we are not our past, we are not our culture and we are not our families. Those things can be in our lives but we don't let any of them define us anymore. If you want to move and do the impossible you do away with it all and stand in your own freedom then your heart can speak without all the attachments. In the end we are not special, not chosen by anyone else or anything else, we are makers because we chose to be one and live as one. it is a personal choice and that choice comes with a res
  3. Hi KAF, I have experienced something similar and usually I observe what is happening in my life at the moment and look for connections between those memories from the past and the present moment. Often it seems there is no logical link between the two but I found out there is always an energetic one which I understood through the recapitulation process. Cyfnos
  4. Hi Colin, Welcome to the cave. I am not really familiar with kundalini practices but I found a list of possible side effects on wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kundalini In the maker tradition it is all about balance, for example you can't be happy and high energy all the time that would be an unbalanced position of your energy since we have three other basic emotions which have something to say too. We teach how to deal with the emotional body in our Quicksilver class but or example if you force the position of joy for too long grief will be showing up pretty soon to coun
  5. It simply helps you find the memories and memories associated with those memories, memories form a web and the compression put them closer to you so you can grab them and recap them. Without the compression especially at first it is much more difficult to create momentum in the recap process, the momentum of going from memory to memory. This momentum does not follow a logical order it is an energetic active process and often memories linked together seem to have not relations on the surface but they do in your energy. If your energy is not compressed your mind is more likely to rule the show a
  6. Hi Nukemm, I think the maker approach to look at energy directly helps avoid common problems. By looking for the direct energy we take away the ability of the mind to misdirect us somewhere else. For example when I dream or see things and it is visually crowded with people, animals or even places I shift away from what I "see" and connect more with the emotions present so that's one layer down, then things change often the imagery disappears and I start to understand better. When your emotional body is speaking you can see where inside you it strikes (what emotion) and heal it if need be.
  7. Like any energy movement it is best to learn it with your own energy first before attempting it onto other energies. Actually I found out it is much more powerful that way, you spend less energy and achieve results more easily. Of course the trick is to accept the changes in yourself by that process, in some way you have to become someone who is not attacked anymore so in other word a different person. This means that what you have to do is to ground your own energy not the energy that come at you, by doing that you change yourself, heal yourself and understand why all of that happened in the
  8. Yes I understand, that's why I suggested grounding, it is a powerful tool to bring clarity, to find out the why of any situation, your place in it, your real responsibility and then how to change it if you choose to. In our tradition we put a big emphasis on self-healing, the recapitulation is something we do all our lives once we committed to it, every day until we die. It is a commitment to our energy to keep it whole and healthy, to cherish it really, we are born with it so it is our responsibility and no one else will get a piece of it. In business terms: I worked so hard to get it bac
  9. Hey Vasily, Sorry to hear about your troubles. We work as healers too here at the cave, if you want we could do a distance healing session to see what the problem is. Let me know if you are interested. In any case healing your energy is probably the best course of action to eliminate the hooks other energies can use to connect with you but also your own sense of detachment can be raised in order for you see those things as they are and not anymore as they contribute to your own fear. As usual recap is the first step. We have a sessions starting up soon and the recap class is offered. S
  10. cyfnos


    Intent is very interesting and sometimes ruthless. The deathwalker intent will keep moving in search of new experiences. It sounds like you have lived something new, something that will change you, change moves you into unfamiliar territory, a place where we have to reinvent ourself, that process grows us, brings us knowledge. In the shamanic we have the big one the shamanic death, your own death can help you move to a different perspective. It is not an easy transformation, it kind of stretches you, your energy and emotions will run high but the intent is ruthless it will move no matter what
  11. cyfnos


    It is a difficult gift, I use the word gift because to me helping someone take the last step in life is a healing act. I think the advice you got is a good one, having friends around you is a great way to find balance. Life and death is a dance and to create that balance, for the waltz to move smoothly across the floor of your own energy you can develop a counter weight so to speak. A lively one. The other aspect is detachment, if you are too attached to people who are going to die the losses add up over time and pain ensue. You can move yourself to a more detached position still be of help bu
  12. Music speaks to our emotional body. As such it needs to be able to represent an incredible variety of emotions. The Greeks were very much aware of this and used what we call the modes to express that variety. The Greeks had seven modes. Throughout the centuries and the rise of the church the uses of those modes changed to reflect only two of the them Lydian and Hypodorian (Greek names). Today we call them Major and Minor modes and the minor modes was modified even further to resemble the Major mode in its upper register especially the melodic minor. So all of that variety was simplified to “ha
  13. It's like music, first there is rhythm, the rhythm is how things move, faster sound waves produces higher pitch, slower lower pitch, there is the sound humanity makes, the sound the earth makes, the rocks, the plants, the sound the galaxies are making. Some of it we label as music but that is just a human perception, a choice. Some of it is used to create happiness, or help the grieving process, some will help you express your anger or fears all of that variety comes from the basic rhythm of a sound wave. It is not bad or good it just is what is done with it is up to you. But everything in thi
  14. Yes that's correct, alcohol is the most common for example. C
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