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Starting Point: Using Dreaming Stones

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is there a way to get a dream stone to make nightmares stop i have tryed many of kinds of stones from store bought to ones i have found and all i get is the same nightmare playing over and over i can only is myself die so many times before i start to think it is going to happen that way i know it is only a dream but i cant help thinking it mite be true so i am thinking this site mite be able to help me were doctors have failed to help

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What is the nightmare like?


It's often much easier to learn to dream *something else* rather than "getting rid of the nightmare". If you replay a scenario in your head as you go to sleep, you will start to dream that if you do it consistently. So you can imagine a movie in your head, that goes on for a bit, and think about it every night as you fall asleep.

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