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So what is healing?


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There is a pattern emerging in human energy, it has been for a while but now it is more and more visible. Humans are losing their awareness. It is still there but it is not put to good use. Imagine working on a project that requires using a hammer, having the hammer right there on the table but for whatever reason you don't use it, don't see it, or have forgotten what it is, how it works. That's what is happening to human awareness.

Healing is the recovery of your energy and a big part of it is your awareness. For example in a case of a disease, the awareness is stuck on a moment in time where maybe someone has told you such and such thing, then a pattern has emerged and created an unhealthy situation which developed into the physical, back pains, headaches, cancer etc. In a sort of way the energy is still aware of that moment in the past, it lives there. So healing is about moving energy, bringing it back and let it live in the present where you will be choosing what to do with it and an increased awareness ensues. You simply are where your awareness is so the less it is in your personal history creating havoc the better. A healer in the Maker tradition is someone who has undergo that process and more, a Maker Healer can then facilitate healing in others.

In this forum I invite you to share your healing victories and failures, to be honest with yourself, to speak from your heart, to understand that this process is unique to you and that you are the only one that can take it as far as you want to, to increase your awareness and in doing so to develop personal responsibility about your actions and respect towards others who are going through their own process.

Welcome to the Healing forum.


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