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energy polarity?


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Not particularly. Think of energy as lego pieces. Humans more or less have the same lego pieces, whether male or female. There are some sex/gender differences between those lego pieces themselves, but mostly they are the same.


Those lego pieces can be put together in different ways, arranged or configured. I think of this as a 'position'. It's the arrangement of how the energy is put together or flows together which makes most of us how we think of 'us'. That is because the most important factor in self-identity is the how the emotional lego pieces are arranged. Most of gender identity comes from this particular arrangements, which is based on society.


That being said, there are some differences, so it's not all exactly the same - just mostly.


In our society, we generally either emphasize differences far too much, or completely ignore them, which are both kind of inaccurate.


If you look at people, you can see "oh that seems to be very masculine", meaning, it has a configuration which is more typical of men or boys, but that's how it's put together. Energy itself doesn't have a gender or sex, and especially not all energy has male/female.

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