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Shame as energetic manipulation


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It is becoming increasingly obvious to me that the reason humans are so predisposed to shame is intentional - both encoded within our genetic material and reinforced cultural, over time.


Shame about our sexuality and desires has been instilled into us to keep us from knowing who we are.


It is not just education and culture that should be blamed, but religion and faux spirituality as well - how often do we hear that what is base must be transcended for what is higher, or that individual attributes must be renounced to gain a deeper connection to the whole?


Renoucing our nature as physical, human, animal beings does not, in fact, bring us any closer to true self-knowledge; but only toward an illusory notion of spirit/Oneness/unity, energetically programmed as a realization by our creators.


Perceived closeness to this white energy/divine light is not a sign of greater realization, but rather of our submission to a program that attempts to leech our individuality and strength.


The "sexual liberation" of the modern era is not true liberation, but rather is a freeing of possible forms of expression of sexuality without an understanding of its depth - horizontal expansion to mask the fact that its vertical aspect is as concealed as ever: that which connects the individual to true self-knowledge and power.


True power and integrity comes when we unflinchingly see and accept everything we are, before filtering ourselves with the various lenses of who we should be. This means, as Nietzcshe said, replacing any sense of shame or guilt with pride - not arrogance, but rather a genuine understanding and exaltation of our existence, both as individuals and as parts of the whole.

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Shelby, *exactly*.


Sexual energy is your creative energy, and its incredibly powerful. What better way to control people by stifling their sexual energy and disassociating them from it? We Makers learn how to retrieve the sexual energy we've used up, repressed, or given away, as well as tap into the sheer force it-- not just our sexual energy but all our energy-- so we can do the impossible.




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. . . toward an illusory notion of spirit/Oneness/unity, energetically programmed as a realization by our creators.


This sentence fragment begs a question, doesn't it?

I have my answer, (enough of an answer to allow me to get to work).

So, I'll step out of the picture and phrase it in the 2nd person only--- Who or what are your creators?



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